Democrats’ Crazed Reaction to Auditing Voting Machines Reveals…

ELDER PATRIOT – When Donald Trump said he was going to order his Justice Department to investigate the extent of voter fraud that took place during the November elections the Democrats response to begin melting down.

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) tried denigrating the president:

“For a person who is newly elected president of the United States should be so insecure as to declare that  —he’s now the president, he is ensconced in the White House and he’s saying, ‘I won the popular vote, 3 to 5 million Americans voted illegally in our country ‘— to suggest and undermine the integrity of our voting system is really strange.

“In addition to that, on top of it, he wants to investigate something that can clearly be proven to be false, but he resists any investigation of the Russian disruption of our election and any connection to his campaign.

All we want is the truth for the American people. I, frankly, feel very sad about the president making this claim. I felt sorry for him. I even prayed for him. But then I prayed for the United States of America.”

Trump has the Democrats so flummoxed that they’re complaining out of both sides of their lying mouths.

Wouldn’t a comprehensive investigation turn up evidence of Russian hacking?  Or, are our voting machines so unsecured that the evidence has been erased already?  If that’s the case isn’t that something we need to know and correct for future elections?

Didn’t President Obama’s head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson declare protecting the sanctity of the vote part of our nation’s critical infrastructure only three months ago?

Didn’t Pelosi just say, “All we want is the truth for the American people?”  What about the reports that more votes had been recorded in certain precincts than there were registered voters?

What about the recent recounts that revealed there were actually less votes cast in some precincts than the difference that was certified separating the two candidates?

The real question is why are the Democrats so afraid of this audit being conducted?  Are they fretting that the last argument that they’re clinging to about Hillary winning the popular vote is going to be shown to be a fraud?  Do we really believe that Americans living in different states are so politically divided?

Perhaps the Democrats’ leadership is sweating what is going to be discovered.  What if the audit reveals a number of illegitimately elected Democrats across the country?

If Democrats have no reason to worry they should welcome Trump’s plans for the audit.  If for no other reason than to be able crow about how much money and energy Trump spent on a wild goose chase.

If the Democrats are intent on blocking this investigation the American people are not.  They have a right to know that their votes are indeed sacrosanct.

An insecure man would leave well enough alone and be happy that he’s been declared the winner.  An insecure woman would protest any investigation that might prove her to be a fraud and strip her of what little illegitimately attained power she has left.

With each passing day it becomes apparent that the last thing the Democrats want is the truth for all Americans.