Why are Democrats Courting a Second Civil War That They Know They Cannot Win

Elder Patriot – Civil wars are by nature the bloodiest of wars fueled by intense passion on both sides. 

In all of America’s history we have fought in 35 wars, including the war for our independence and two world wars.  And, our Civil War stands as the bloodiest engagement by far with total American casualties almost as many as the other 34 wars combined.

So, why have “Progressives” set a path so eagerly towards another one?  Is it in their DNA?  After all, it was the Southern Democrats who chose to defend slavery that led to our first Civil War.  And it was a Democrat governor who blocked the path of the first Black to be accepted to the University of Alabama.

Simply put, Democrats have difficulty accepting legislation and judicial opinions that they don’t like and now it appears Democrats have begun waging a Blue state campaign to nullify federal law – as California is doing with federal immigration law.  Surely they aren’t expecting President Trump to stand by idly? 

So, why are they rushing down a path to defeat?

Kurt Schlichter, a veteran with a masters degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, wrote an analysis for Townhall.com that made it abundantly clear this defiance will not end well for Democrats.

There are two scenarios to consider, one where the Dems hold the levers of power in the federal government and one where Republicans continue to hold federal authority.  Neither holds much promise for a Blue state victory.

“It’s a matter of terrain, numbers, and morale, Schlichter notes.  “There are no trump cards in war. There are men, with rifles, standing on patches of dirt, killing the people trying to push them off.”

A look at the electoral map reveals the strategic and logistical impossibility that Dems face.

With Trump in charge of the military, progressive enclaves have no chance to secure supply lines for food and oil to feed and power their disparate population centers.  And, those populations have mostly allowed themselves to be disarmed by their masters.

Schlichter concludes:

“After about a week, they surrender. After all, you can’t eat and drink smugness. … in the end the population concentrations in large liberal urban areas that are their strength also make them extremely vulnerable to logistical pressure.”

What about the second scenario, one where the Dem’s control the presidency and Congress and with it the ability to command America’s overwhelming military might.

All of that firepower, absent the manpower to hold any land that they might seize, would be worthless.  A hundred million armed conservatives determined to preserve their Constitutional protections represent an overwhelming obstacle to whatever military might exists.

Schlichter analyzes the strategy that Constitutional insurgents (out of power Republicans banding together to save the Constitution) would use to secure victory.

“The military would have the combat power to win any major engagement, but insurgents don’t get into major engagements with forces that have more combat power. They instead leverage their decentralized ability to strike at the counter-insurgents’ weak points to eliminate the government’s firepower advantage. In other words, hit and run, and no stand-up fights.”

How would the federal army, rife with desertions by Oath Keepers who swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, possibly occupy such a large landmass that is manned by a large decentralized force of armed insurgents? 

And, what would be the morale of those fighting for the Democrat army against their former fellow soldiers?

Unlike the cities, the heartland has a large population of armed, military-trained patriots.  And, all those local sheriffs and police forces share that patriotism.

Schlichter states what we all see, “that the central tenet of the Democrat Party platform is now hatred and contempt for Normal Americans … is threatening to rip the country apart.”

So why is the Democratic leadership forcing President Trump’s hand if they know they cannot win the conflict they are forcing?

There can be only one answer; they don’t care about winning.   They care only about weakening the United States. 

Everything they have advanced for the past century, no matter what guise of helping this group or that, has served to weaken the country:

  • The establishment of the Federal Reserve that turned control of our money supply over to a private banking concern.
  • Entitlement programs that diminish the incentives of our workers and that have resulted in massive debt.
  • Untenable EPA regulations that make doing business in the United States cost prohibitive.
  • Tort law and the resultant regulations that costs the U.S. economy approximately $1 trillion dollars annually in insurance costs built that are built into everything we do or buy.
  • Starving the U.S. military of the dollars necessary to fund the force strength and equipment required for defending our freedoms.
  • Refusal to protect our borders in any way.

“Democrats, who think history began when Obama was elected, don’t understand the dangerous game they are playing when they talk about how they want to impose their brown shirt vision upon red America.”

Perhaps he’s right.  But, what if their primary goal is to cripple America enough to allow a U.N. takeover?

They fear that the re-emergence of America as that “Shining City on the Hill” would set their globalist-Marxist agenda back another 30 years.