Democrats Choosing Irrelevance Rather Than Help Trump Make American Great Again

ELDER PATRIOT – It was no secret that Obamacare failed the large majority of Americans because it deliberately ignored the centuries-proven benefits of the free market and that predictably resulted in soaring insurance premiums the loss of their choice of doctors, and a severely dwindling pool of insurance providers. 

Whether Democrats purposely sought to hurt individuals in this way is arguable but there can be no argument that they seemed to be purposely deaf to the plight of working Americans as evidence of the bills damage surfaced and then continued getting worse.

It was also no secret that Obamacare was literally bankrupting not only our healthcare system, but also our country’s economy.  The Democrats remained deaf to this, also.  A cynic would suggest that Democrats welcomed the collapse of the healthcare system under a Republican Congress and President Trump.  Surely they could count on the mainstream media to blame Donald Trump.

Or, perhaps this was their final push to realize the dreams of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven who called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to its replacement with a national socialist system. 

The fact that not a single Democrat joined in restructuring healthcare in order to help the American people proves they were more intent on preventing President Trump from gaining a legislative victory.  This may sound cynical but it is also fact.

In the end it didn’t matter.  Even without a single Democrat vote, and without any input from even one Dem helping to craft the new bill, there was still rigorous debate and it all came from within the Republican Party.

The end result was a compromise between all elements within the Republican Party and all sides able to say they walked away with a victory for the American people.

The Democrats have to be content having doubled down on failure.  Immediately after the vote Nancy Pelosi rushed to the microphones and said, “Republicans now have this vote tattooed on their chests.”  Then, in another of her unintelligible screeds, she claimed this was a “tax cut for the rich” that would “do nothing” to help average Americans. 

Who did Pelosi think she was appealing to?  It certainly couldn’t have been the same average Americans that have lost their access to quality healthcare and in some cases their full-time jobs due to the mandates, costs and lack of options that Obamacare caused.  It doesn’t take a genius to know these are the people who deserted her party and elected Donald Trump.

Pelosi had the temerity to suggest the “the moderates who supported this bill had walked the plank and were now radicals.”  It’s too late for her but anyone just a slightly less radical than she is realizes this healthcare bill is precisely what compromise looks like. 

If anyone emerges from this having staked out radical ground it is Pelosi and the Democrats who allowed her to lead their party to the political fringe.  Expect Schumer to engage in the same level of obstruction in the Senate in a last ditch effort to hand President Trump a defeat on healthcare reform irrespective of how badly the American people need relief from the hurt Obamacare has put on their families.

If Schumer doesn’t change course the Democrats will have rendered themselves irrelevant for the next eight years and perhaps longer.