Democrats Caught Accepting Money From Jew-Hating Radical Islamist

Elder Patriot – Radical Muslim Keith Ellison (Rep-D) who, as the Democratic National Committee’s deputy chairman, is second in command at the DNC accepted a $2500 contribution from Taher Herzallah.

Herzallah has advocated for using violence to destroy Israel.  In 2014 Herzallah said that “the State of Israel is a lie” and “Israelis have to be bombed.”

Herzallah was quoted as saying, “Israelis have to be bombed, they are a threat to the legitimacy of Palestine, and it is wrong to maintain the State of Israel,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.  “It is an illegitimate creation born from colonialism and racism.”

Could the acceptance of this money by a U.S. congressman been done by mistake?  Don’t kid yourself.

Ellison previously supported the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) until his campaign for the top DNC leadership post during which time it was decided it would be best to keep his mouth shut on the issue.

Ellison’s previous statements about Israel and his associations with radical groups like Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim American Society paint a disturbing portrait of a man the Democrats have elevated to leadership.

There’s no chance the Dems who supported him didn’t know what they doing.

More than a year ago the House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into Ellison after he failed to disclose that a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood paid for him to make a pilgrimage to the Islamic holy site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Why would he “fail” to disclose such a trip?  Isn’t Mecca the center of Islam, a religion of peace?  What was he hiding?

With anti-Semitism on the rise across the world there is real reason for concern and the fact that Democrats have elevated Ellison into a policy-making position should concern everyone, not just Jews.

Once more, the mainstream media is silent.  It was less than two years ago when then-candidate Donald Trump was hammered for days on end by that same mainstream media when he refused to disavow White Supremacist, David Duke following days of previously disavowing Duke.

Had Trump taken money from Duke that he was refusing to return?  No.  Had Trump spoken fondly of him or his organization?  No.  In fact, just the opposite was true.  And, unlike with Ellison, there was nothing in Trump’s past to suggest he was a racist.

Duke had simply expressed support for Trump’s America First campaign; something the majority of Americans support.

This is one more example of just how dangerous America’s mainstream media has become.