More Democrats Abandon Israel. Become Leading Proponents of Jihad. Shift Support to Terror Based PLO.

ELDER PATRIOT – Now it’s Secretary of State John Kerry who kicked Israel to the curb when he called for a return to the pre Six Day War boundaries of 1967 in what is a complete capitulation to the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization.

Does anyone still doubt that this is the direction the entire Democratic Party has chosen to take?

Please don’t try deluding yourself that things might’ve been different had Hillary Clinton been elected.  She was endorsed by all of the participants in the Israeli backstabbing – President Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and John Kerry.

Mrs. Clinton’s emails also confirmed that she was heavily influenced by Israel-hating confidante Sidney Blumenthal.  But most of all Mrs. Clinton relied on longtime partner Huma Abedin who was closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood for advice on the Middle East.

Democrats have given up the fight to preserve our culture – it’s arguable if they were in favor of defending it after JFK had been president– and are prepared to surrender to the Jihad to avoid future confrontation despite the fact that we have the military capability to end terrorism quickly and decisively if our leaders chose to.  Or maybe they simply view their values to be more in line with Muslims than with Christians and Jews.

Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to turn the biggest mess possible over to incoming President Donald Trump – from racial division, to religious division, to now splintering our strategic alliances with other Western nations over Israel. 

In the end the result will turn out like everything else Obama attempted during his tenure – it will fail.  Trump will use this opportunity to craft a new roster of allies consisting of sovereign nations that will be stronger than the decaying alliance of the post-WWII world.  Nations intent on committing suicide will no longer be protected by our military or at our expense.

America will once again be the most prosperous nation on earth, Obama’s legacy will be further marred by his actions over the two and half months from the election until he must vacate the White House, and the Democratic Party that supported his un-American administration aggressively and at every turn will be a permanent minority party.

No matter how hard he and the Democrats tried to make America a fail they couldn’t.  Our Founding Fathers had made us too strong.