Democrat Busted In FBI Sting

Elder Patriot – Sorry to report that it’s not Hillary Clinton.  But after reading about what this woman is accused of doing you’ll wonder how the same FBI saw fit to give Hillary a pass.

Democrat Joy Cooper has been charged with three felonies – money laundering, official misconduct and exceeding campaign contribution limits.

Prosecutors also charged Cooper with a misdemeanor for soliciting contributions in a government building.

Cooper, the mayor of Hallandale Beach, Florida, is facing a possible 16 years in prison for her actions.  Each felony carries a maximum five-year sentence.  The misdemeanor carries a one-year prison term.

If there ever existed any doubts that there are two sets of laws – one for the little people and none for the Elites – this should put that to rest.

The FBI expended resources conducting the sting operation that ensnared Cooper.  In Clinton’s case we handed them the evidence and the resources they expended were in the effort to exonerate her.

The charges against Hillary came from credible law enforcement veterans, including former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani who brought down the mafia.  Giuliani became an expert in RICO law while building his case against the mob.  He compared the totality of Clinton’s crimes as rivaling that but on steroids.

In the following video he restricts his discussion to Hillary’s email violations:

Giuliani said there was evidence that Hillary Clinton may have violated 15 separate federal statutes in using her private email server alone.

Giuliani said, that they are only potential violations and still have to be proven. 

Right.  And what did the FBI do after they proved them?  They made the decision to give her a pass in the hope that she would become president so that she could continue hiding the FBI’s selective enforcement practices.

The FBI never did bother bringing charges against Hillary for running a pay-to-play scheme out of the State Department, the significant evidence that had been presented to the bureau that she had been protecting pedophiles, or how the using the Clinton Foundation was used to launder her ill-gotten gains, among significant other laws that she broke.

Joy Cooper’s biggest offense was that she wasn’t a member of the Washington Elite… yet.  Hillary probably committed Cooper’s relatively short list of crimes prior to breaking for lunch on an average day yet she got a pass.  Why?