Deep State Patriot QAnon Reveals Contents of Missing FBI Agents’ Texts – Plan to Assassinate POTUS?

Elder Patriot – On Sunday we discussed a post by QAnon who purports to be a Deep State Patriot intent on exposing the Secret Societies within our government that are waging war against President Trump.  In that post Q detailed what is in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence memo that is going to blow the lid off the treasonous intent of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the highest levels of his administration, and the entire Democratic Party.

Today we bring you another post from Q detailing why five months of text messages between FBI agents have disappeared.  This screenshot is from

Here it is reformatted to make it easier to read.

At the very top of his post Q poses the question whether the missing texts discuss the assassination of President Trump and/or his family members.

That might seem like the work of an over active imagination but consider that we already know from the last text message between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page that they discussed holding a meeting of a “Secret Society” the following the election of President Trump.

After that, the next five-months of texts between the two have gone missing as are the devices that Strzok and Page used to communicate with each other.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy explained why this is a concern:

“You have this insurance policy in the Spring of 2016 and then the day after the election  … there’s a text exchange between these two FBI agents — these two (supposed to be objective, fact-centric) FBI agents saying, ‘perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.”  

Now Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs came forward yesterday to tell Fox News’ Brett Baier that an informant has told his committee the Secret Society held meetings (plural) offsite of the Justice Department offices.

WTF were they discussing that they couldn’t discuss among themselves inside the department?  It has already been established that they had every right to be critical of the president as long as they conducted their work fairly. 

Johnson said they do not yet know the number of members of this Secret Society or how many times they met.

But, this is alarming and should frighten every American.  Under former FBI Directors Robert Mueller (now the special counsel charged with taking the president) and Jim Comey the bureau came more to resemble the KGB than the formerly highly respected crime-fighting agency we once revered.

The fact that current director, Christopher Wray has been doing more to protect these traitors than to purge his agency speaks to the level of corruption that has permeated the FBI.  Why are rank and file agents who know what is going on remaining silent?  What are they afraid of?

Q next raises the question what if the missing texts contain evidence that foreign allies were involved?  Repeat, ALLIES, not enemies.  Did Barack Obama so poison the well over the last eight years that one or more of the countries we believe to be friendlies would actually participate in a coup d’état of a duly elected U.S. president?

Do not think in terms of foreign leaders making this decision.  They are subject to their own rogue Deep State operators who are equally committed to the global Marxist movement – either because of ideological belief or because they are willing highly-paid mercenaries.

Is there any wonder that President Trump employs members of his own security team to protect him?

Q then tells us what most of us have already surmised – except for Mueller because if he fails to take down the president he and members of that Secret Society will be rotting in prison for the remained of the lives – there is nothing to the Russian collusion narrative.

Next Q tells us that we have only scratched the tip of the iceberg.  The “AS THE WORLD TURNS” line is cryptic but it suggests that the plot involves far more people, agencies, and governments than we can imagine.

This was perhaps inevitable once a worldwide network of shared intelligence was established following 9/11.  It was only a matter of time from that point until rogue operators, backed by global bankers, turned the system against the people. 

Think the Obama administration’s corrupting of the intelligence community and the FISA court here in the U.S. and put it on steroids globally where governments offer far less protection to their citizens than our Constitution does.

Remember, politics does not stop at the water’s edge.

If true this revelation would shatter the New World Order.

Q then asks:

  • What would happen to the FBI after failing in the most fundamental task they have – policing themselves first?
  • The same question applies to the DOJ.
  • What would happen to the special counsel?  Would the evidence be so extensive as to implicate Mueller in the plot, either directly or peripherally?  That would rock the foundations of any trust we have left in our government.  That is why Q ponders whether these messages can even be publicly disclosed.
  • What happens in general?  Would distrust of our government become so pervasive that anarchy ensues?

Q then goes where no one wants to believe is possible but that President Trump’s Executive Order prior to Christmas addressed – the much more extensive network of:

  • Human trafficking
  • Pedophilia
  • Human sacrifices

No one wants to admit these practices are as widespread as they are and that our government has been hiding (using?) for a number of administrations.

It has long been rumored that control over Washington’s elected class is maintained by threats of exposing their predilection for these behaviors.  In fact, it is believed that candidates are chosen with that knowledge.

That’s why, as these revelations are made, Q moves to asking, “Who cannot sleep?”

“Those who know cannot find peace and will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.”  That is a direct reference to President Trump who, one month after he took office cemented, the establishment’s fear of him by announcing an initiative to end human trafficking

Q warns us that the level of pure evil and corruption perpetrated by the people we trust – Congressmen, mainstream media reporters, and business icons? – is unimaginable.

We have been programmed by our government with the help of the mainstream media to abandon our religion and accept government as our savior.  And now the social media giants are shutting down discussions on their platforms that doesn’t toe the “atheistic believe in government above all” dialogue.

Q tells us the evil is so pervasive that even if we expose less than half of the evil they are sitting on, humanity will be shaken to its core.

It’s a good thing that we dug in and resolved to “cling to your guns and religion.”