Deep State Colluded to Hide Corruption: Senator Warner Led Decision for a Special Counsel

Elder Patriot – Deep State Colluded to Hide Corruption: Senator Warner Led Decision for a Special Counsel

When the institutions are corrupt; and the officials within the institutions are corrupt; and there is inquiry into the corrupt activity of the officials within the institutions; then retaining the institutions is the priority.  It’s that simple. If you take down the institution you run the risk of exposing the corruption.Sundance

Within that framework it becomes obvious the level of panic that gripped corrupt Washington “insiders” following the election of Donald Trump, and the incredible lengths they were willing (needed?) to go to derail the cleansing his presidency could bring.

Washington (CNN) – In the hectic eight days after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and top FBI officials viewed Trump as a leader who needed to be reined in, according to two sources describing the sentiment at the time.

CNN’s assertion the DAG Rosenstein felt the need to “rein in” President Trump is arguably false or else it is damning to Rosenstein considering that it was his letter to the president recommended firing Comey that Trump relied on to make his decision.

So what moved Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel to investigate the firing of a man he himself said should be fired days earlier?


In the days immediately after Comey was fired, McCabe pushed for the appointment of a special counsel but Rosenstein seemed hesitant, despite many calls to do so.

McCabe is facing indictment after the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) – composed of fellow FBI agents – joined with I.G. Horowitz in calling for McCabe’s ouster just hours before he was set to retire because it was determined that he lacked candor under oath.

This puts Rosenstein on an island all his own in making the decision to appoint the special counsel.

On May 11, two days after Comey was fired, Rosenstein briefed Republican Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina and the panel’s top Democrat, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, who were running their own Russia investigation. According to contemporaneous text messages between FBI officials, “Warner conveyed that he wanted (a) special counsel” and Rosenstein “said he took that under advisement.”

McCabe and Rosenstein later met with the full “Gang of Eight,” the Republican and Democratic congressional leaders and intelligence committee heads, the day Mueller was appointed.

Warner, among the most corrupt Senators in a sea of decepticons recently admitted he has been working closely with the special counsel:

Senator Warner has confirmed that virtually every element of the swamp is working together to take down Donald Trump before the president has the chance to take them down.

A review of what’s already known can only result in once conclusion – Warner and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence are neck deep in hiding government-wide institutionalized corruption.  Here are the facts:

  • The SSCI and Mueller are working together (per Warner)
  • The SSCI has sent transcripts to Mueller (per Warner)
  • The SSCI has sent criminal referrals to Mueller (per Warner)

And this:

  • The same SSCI was conducting covert communications with Christopher Steele via lobbyist Adam Waldman.  Warner was pursuing Steele months after he had been discredited and fired by the FBI.
  • The same SSCI publicly leaked the Glenn Simpson transcript (D Feinstein), everyone seems to forget.  This information would be critical to corrupt participants in crafting their defenses.
  • The same SSCI (Feinstein Staffer) Dan Jones paid Fusion GPS $50 million to continue operations against President Trump after the election. [That’s some CYA operation funding eh?]  (And, oh yeah, Feinstein gave up her Vice-Chair seat.) Again, this was months after the FBI fired Steele.
  • The same SSCI had a security officer (Wolfe) leaking classified intelligence documents to the media (Ali Watkins).  Again, information released served as a heads up to corrupt participants.
  • The SSCI security officer was busted in December 2017, admitted the leaks (several reporters), and was never charged (Rosenstein/Mueller) with anything except one single count of lying to FBI.
  • Every corrupt FBI/DOJ and downstream official caught up in the congressional investigative web all want to talk to the same committee, the SSCI.
  • A whistleblower (Dennis Cain) comes forward to the DOJ-Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The IG gives the whistleblower full protection and recognition as a confirmed whistleblower. The IG gives the whistleblower’s evidence documents to the SSCI (per guidelines); what happens next? The whistleblower gets a 3:00 am 16-agent FBI raid courtesy of authorization no-one can explain.

(H/T) to Sundance

These are not the actions of an investigative committee.  They can only be interpreted as moves made by “fixers” intent on hiding the truth.

And, for his part, Warner is the dirtiest of the SSCI fixers finding himself at the center of every corrupt move the committee has made.

Reviewing, yesterday’s “big” news about the special counsel’s determination to charge former Trump attorney Michael Cohen with four crimes, rather than the three that there was evidence of, indicates the influence of Warner, once again.

The first three charges, Cohen cheated on his taxes and lied to a bank about same; he didn’t fill out a campaign distribution report for something almost everyone argues was not a campaign expense; and he misled congress about the timing of his business contacts do nothing to advance the Russia collusion conspiracy against President Trump..

It’s clear that Mueller and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner needed to work together to get the “lying to congress charge” because the other three accusations fail to implicate President Trump.

With a legitimately contentious media, maintaining this bogus narrative would not have been possible.