Deconstructing CNN’s Resident Marxist Liar Carl Bernstein

Elder Patriot – Calling Carl Bernstein a Marxist propagandist doesn’t come close to accurately describing the disinformation campaign he regularly engages in on CNN. 

Bernstein made his bones bringing down Richard Nixon.  For Bernstein and his partner, Bob Woodward, bringing down a president was a life’s accomplishment.

Bernstein became the darling of the Leftist movement and was immediately elevated to the investigative journalist Hall of Fame. 

Except, he’s not an investigative journalist.  Journalism requires following the facts wherever they might lead you.  That was something Bernstein was all too happy to do when he had a Republican president in his crosshairs.

Not so much now that the targets are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who conspired to corrupt the levers of government in an attempt to win an election byusing such egregious tactics that the Watergate break-in pales by comparison.

If he isn’t a Marxist hack why did he conflate a break-in at the Watergate Hotel into the resignation of Republican President Nixon?  Consider that now, in the face of massive evidence of corruption in the FBI that saw the agency misrepresent fiction as fact to secure a FISA warrant and that turned its back on clear violations of federal law to advance and save Marxist Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is he attacking President Trump?

Evidence of a much deeper conspiracy than Watergate ever was, a conspiracy between a political candidate, a political party, members of Congress, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, other intelligence agencies, the Director of National Intelligence, and the President of the United States, is staring him in the face Bernstein has turned into a shill to protect his Marxist co-conspirators.

Listening to him rant against Donald Trump is reminiscent of Baghdad Bob who refused to report the truth even as the good guys were taking him away:

Bernstein’s pink tie gives him away.  He sounds more like a defender of the techniques of the East German Stasi than a man who is interested in the truth.

Bernstein began his diatribe:

“The key word he [President Trump] keeps using in all of this is tainted.  There’s really only one institution that has been tainted through these months and that is the Trump presidency.”

Can you imagine that?  A citizen who puts his own money up to run for president and then delivers on the exact campaign promises he made to get elected. 

A president who communicates directly with the American people so that the filter of the establishment media is somewhat muted allowing the people to know exactly what is going on with their government.

Why does Bernstein seem so disturbed by this president who is delivering economic prosperity, reducing crime, and restoring sanity to our foreign policy.  Aren’t those the fundamental reasons we form governments in the first place?

“It’s tainted by the president’s lies, by his disrespect for American institutions operating under the law with traditional American democracy, and the instruments thereof.”

The Left has been corrupting American institutions since the beginning of time.  Bernstein saw no such disrespect from Obama when he turned the IRS into a weapon aimed at his political enemies.  Likewise, the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management, and… 

If he wants to claim that Trump lies then why doesn’t he give us any examples of those lies? 

On lies of significance, it wasn’t Trump who promised reduced health insurance premiums and greater access to healthcare. 

And, it wasn’t Trump who promised us the most transparent administration in history who then authorized turning the FBI, the broader intelligence community, and his Department of Justice into political weapons.

With a government operating at an average annual shortfall of $1.25 trillion over the past eight years it is hard to see how Bernstein’s “sacred” institutions were not already destroying American democracy.

“He is contemptuous of those institutions… and is undermining confidence in these legitimate institutions.”

If Bernstein really believes that the institutions that Trump is questioning the integrity of are above reproach then he should welcome Trump’s concerns.  After all, Bernstein is the one who said:

“If he is confident of being exonerated he ought to welcome all of this.”

What Bernstein won’t tell you is there is unanimous consensus inside the Intel community that there is nothing to the Russia-Trump collusion story.  But, the ongoing investigation does provide Trump’s enemies with the opportunity to establish process crimes against the president’s associates for both propaganda reasons and to isolate the president from those who work for him and those who would consider working for him.

Bernstein knows that the FBI lied about the Kennedy assassination.  And, he knows that we went to war after relying on the intelligence community’s unanimous conclusion Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. 

Bernstein also knows, but would never admit, that the CIA has a significant number of mainstream media reporters on its payroll.

No one from the establishment media wants a re-airing of the Church Committee hearings now that the CIA no longer controls the narrative.

“He is doing a grave disservice to our democracy.”

Carl, your desire to know the truth is enviable but it should cut both ways.  If you want to advance the notion that the institutions of this government are beyond reproach then demand a special counsel be given the same latitude as Robert Mueller has so that it can be proven.

Imagine the political fallout President Trump would suffer from being exposed as a tin-hat conspiracy nut! 

Until that time I have just one question; what are you so afraid of?