Declassification Raises Suspicions About Fealty… FBI Director Wray Under Fire… Unredacted Rice Memo Shows it Should Never Have Been Classified

It appears the wall that protects the corrupt elements of the intelligence community from scrutiny may finally be crumbling… at least somewhat… maybe.

Since being confirmed as Attorney General in February 2019, Bill Barr has been outspoken in his support of FBI Director Chris Wray.  Barr’s unwavering support appears to have run out… and with good reason.

For more than a year, Wray has been stonewalling the release of critical documents under the pretense of protecting national security.  

Now that Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell has begun the declassification of those documents it’s become clear that the only thing Wray has been protecting is the corrupt construct that attempted to overthrow our duly-elected government.

The buttoned down attorney general showed an ever so slight crack in his support for Director Wray while being questioned by CBS’ Catherine Herridge…

Barr reveals a hesitancy not visible in prior interviews while being questioned whether he still had confidence in the FBI director. 

AG Barr has tried his best to defend Wray, and the institutions Wray thinks he’s protecting, but his own credibility is now coming into question as evidence from certain very high-profile cases has become public.  Evidence that had been redacted in the name of national security.

The newly released documents that have caused the DOJ to drop all charges against Lt. General Michael Flynn is just one reason Barr’s finding it difficult to continue his belief in FBI Director Wray.

Now, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), the  Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman, after viewing the recently declassified email from Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice wants to know why it wasn’t declassified sooner…

Sen. Johnson joined Fox News’ Martha McCallum last night where he made it clear the days of Wray protecting those who plotted against General Flynn and President Trump were over…

Sen. Johnson: “Where has Christopher Wray been in all this? He should have gone to the FBI. He should have cleaned house. He should have made all this available. But he hasn’t done that. We need to restore the integrity and credibility to these agencies. And this is not the way to do it, by keeping this stuff covered up for over three years.”

When a senator, especially a committee chairman, starts raising questions about the integrity of the FBI director, the attorney general sits up and takes notice.

Senator Johnson realized as soon as the newly unredacted email from NSA Rice to herself became public that there were no national security issues with the redacted passage.

First the super top-secret email that was redacted ostensibly to protect national security…

Now, here’s the declassified letter…

U.S. Attorney General Barr had already seen this which is probably the reason he withdrew from prosecuting Gen. Flynn.  When DNI Grenell declassified Rice’s email to herself, everyone else was able to see that it had nothing to do with national security.

Comey was targeting Gen. Flynn absent a predicate.  And, Obama and VP Joe Biden were aware of that targeting.

It’s now obvious why Attorney General Barr is left questioning his FBI director.