Damning: Democrats’ Did Not Dispute Any Facts in the Memo

Elder Patriot – Democrats’ post memo release response evidences the weakness of their legal position.  We can conclude this because they chose a political response and didn’t dispute any of the facts presented in the memo released by House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, yesterday – likely because they couldn’t. 

The memo focused on the Obama administration’s fraudulent application to the FISC. 

Facts and evidence are two separate and distinct legal terms.

The main difference between facts and evidence is facts cannot be disputed – dates and written documentation for example – but evidence lacks strength because it cannot be proved indisputably. An example would be testimony that requires the jury to make a judgment call on the truthfulness of the person giving it.

Dozens of facts were contained in the memo that was presented to the public yesterday.  The Dems did not dispute any of them.  These included names, dates, signatures on court submissions, and the participants’ own testimony before congress and under oath.

There is also this inconvenient fact that Democrats will not be able to explain – high-level FBI and DOJ officials have been demoted, fired, or allowed to resign since the contents of the memo became known inside both agencies.  So far the list includes: 

  • FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe,
  • FBI Chief of Counterespionage Peter Strzok,
  • Senior FBI Attorney Lisa Page,
  • FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap,
  • FBI General Counsel James A. Baker,
  • Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik
  • Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr

Democrats have decided that their best defense is to bring their case to the court of public opinion.  This is a sign that they have already decided they cannot win based on the facts even with the help of the mainstream media.

The Dems’ strategy does not bode well for them.

They have already lost the trust of the vast majority of voters who drove them further into minority status in 2016 and elected Donald Trump.  And with Trump just having completed what might be the most successful first year in office of any president since Washington, voters will not be quick to throw him overboard now.

During his recent State of the Union address, President Trump recapped the successes of his first year and outlined his plans for 2018.  Americans of all stripes overwhelmingly approved his message as this CBS poll showed:

As successful as Donald Trump’s first year was his second promises to rock Washington D.C. to its core.  There is now every possibility that before 2018 is over the intelligence community will be reined in, the mainstream media matrix will be neutralized, and the Democrat-Immigrant Party will be relegated to third party status.