Daily Mail: Biden Had Affair With Married Woman While Married to His First Wife

Plagiarist, cheater, taxpayer leech… Joe Biden isn’t the man of character he’d want us to believe he is.  

The question is why has a left wing media outlet broken this story… at this time?

According to the Daily Mail Joe Biden and his current wife Jill  had an affair that broke up her first marriage.

At the time the affair started, Biden was married to his first wife Neilia. 

So say’s Jill’s jilted first husband Bill Stevenson in his yet to be published new book.

According to Stevenson, he and his then-wife Jill worked on Joe Biden’s senatorial campaign  together.  They were close enough to be part of Biden’s ‘kitchen cabinet,’ advising him on his first successful senatorial campaign.

Way to repay a dedicated volunteer, Joe.

Interestingly, the Daily Mail noted that…

Biden eventually eked out victory by just over 3,000 votes — 1.4 percent — running a campaign juxtaposing his youth and energy with 63-year-old Boggs. 

Funny that… Biden will be 78 years old only weeks after the 2020 election.  And, while his energy level may be a question – he’s running a carefully managed campaign from his home’s basement bunker only emerging for an occasional ten minute staged interview –  his loss of cognitive ability isn’t.

My, how the worm turns… Talk about schadenfreude!

Biden, just 29 on election day, became the sixth-youngest US Senator in history.  

Nearly 48 years later, Biden is closing in on a half-century of sucking the teat of government.  We’re still waiting for his first significant contribution to the public good.

So why, after 48 years has the Biden-loving media allowed this story to see sunlight at this time?

What more are they hiding about Joe Biden?