DACA Amnesty? Put Your Faith in Trump

Elder Patriot – President Trump is not about to renege on his promise to build the wall along our southern border.  Immigration reform was one of his primary campaign promises along with tax and trade reform.  Trump understands the need for all three if he is to succeed in making America great again. 

He also realizes that the fight to restore America’s greatness will take every bit of his eight years and then beyond.  DACA is not the hill worth dying on.  It may be of symbolic importance to many people, especially after the mainstream media gets done hyping the poor illegals, but in the big picture ending future DACAs is of far greater importance.  The wall will do that.

So when two left-wing swamp monsters – one a Marxist senator from New York and the other a Marxist representative from San Francisco – issued a statement immediately following dinner with the president declaring there would be no border wall in exchange for giving amnesty to Obama’s unconstitutional DACA recipients, the mainstream media lit up declaring that Trump had caved.

Don’t bet on it.  The smart money says follow the trail of the announcements.

Last night Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement:

This morning President Trump tweeted this in response:

President Trump continues playing 4-D chess against politicians who can’t wait to run to the microphones and declare victory.

The fact is Schumer and Pelosi just reassured their constituents that they won the amnesty battle.  Make no mistake these are Democrat constituents.  They will never be Trump supporters.  If Schumer and Pelosi fail to deliver they will suffer the wrath not Trump.  Also, anti-Trump Congressional Republicans will now be forced to choose sides for everyone to see.

Leverage to Trump.

There is no doubt that President Trump inherited a humanitarian crisis created by Obama:

So while the mainstream media has spent the past year doing the bidding of the leftists masquerading as Democrats and Republicans and painting the president as evil incarnate, Trump has effectively stripped them of that line of attack:

Schumer and Pelosi, in their haste to declare victory for their DACA supporters have given Trump the leverage necessary to force Congress into delivering the border wall.  Ryan and McConnell have similarly been silenced on DACA.

If establishment politicians fail to provide funding for the wall or demand anything beyond this, Trump will have exposed them as open border advocates and they will face the wrath of the voters in their 2018 re-election bids.

One by one Trump is stripping his opposition from both sides of the aisle of their bargaining points as he heads into negotiations over the big prizes: major tax reform, merit-based immigration reform, and ending Obamacare.