Cynic Alert: Ninth Circuit Temporarily Stays Lower Court Ruling Allowing Migrants to Be Returned to Mexico

Elder Patriot| In a sign that the #resistance may be cracking, the ninth circuit court of appeals was unanimous in ruling in favor of staying an earlier ruling from Federal Judge Richard Seeborg.

Judge Seeborg’s ruling had blocked President Trump from returning illegal aliens to Mexico pending their asylum hearing.

In the late morning yesterday, the Associated Press reported:

10:54 a.m.

The Trump administration is asking an appeals court to let it continue returning asylum seekers to Mexico to await court hearings while it challenges a San Francisco judge’s order that would block the policy.

The government requested a stay with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent the lower court order from taking effect Friday afternoon.

Judge Richard Seeborg ruled Monday in favor of civil liberties groups to halt the practice while their lawsuit moves forward challenging the policy. His order will take effect at 5 p.m. Friday unless a stay is issued.

Amazingly, by the late afternoon the Ninth Circuit had reversed Judge Seeborg’s ruling, if only temporarily:

4:45 p.m. – A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a judge’s order that would have stopped the Trump administration from returning asylum seekers to Mexico.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay Friday.

A three-judge panel set a Tuesday deadline for civil liberties groups to submit arguments why the order blocking the Trump administration should take effect. It set a Wednesday deadline for the government to argue why the policy should remain in place.

This should normally be viewed as a major win for President Trump as the politicized Ninth Circuit has consistently ruled against the president on his immigration rulings by the cynic in me suspects something else is governing the court’s decision.

What happened into between Judge Seeborg’s ruling on Monday and the time the Ninth Circuit rendered its decision late yesterday afternoon?

Well, on Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr made it known during congressional testimony that he was preparing to put the full weight of the Justice Department behind efforts to secure the border with Mexico:

Then yesterday, at 7:19 President Trump sent a tweet putting the Ninth Circuit Court on alert:

Later, in mid-morning Trump alerted Democrat leadership that he was considering shipping the massive inflow of illegal immigrants arriving at our southern border straight to Democrat controlled sanctuary cities.

Following Trump’s threat, Democrat leadership went ballistic.

Funny that, eh?