Criminal Conspiracy to Topple U.S. Government Uncovered!!! We Need a Grand Jury Immediately!!!

Definition of Treason:

1    :  the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

2    :  the betrayal of a trust

ELDER PATRIOT – As the duly elected President of the United States, the people chose Donald Trump to run the executive branch of their government and any unlawful action or actions taken to overthrow his presidency is treason.

Democrats and Republicans have been working together to subvert the will of the American people for decades on everything from foreign wars to taxes to controlling immigration to the growing government leviathan. 

Every Trump voter will tell you that they voted for him to put an end to this.

In a working democracy this is the lawful procedure for changing their government that is afforded law-abiding citizens. 

Trump’s supporters followed the legal procedure afforded them and any attempt to remove the president, absent unlawful behavior on the president’s part, would be nothing more than unlawfully subverting the will of the people and their duly elected government.

President Trump’s opponents simply will not accept this.  As is their right, they began resisting every initiative to keep his campaign promises as he advanced them, and even before. 

This too is the way a democracy works.  The peoples’ right to protect is unquestioned.  The president is not a dictator and the other elected officials serve as a political counter-balance, as well as to provide the people with legal protections against the president if he usurps powers that aren’t his under the Constitution.

But, when the political opponents of the president within or outside the government conspire to bring the president down by breaking the law they have crossed the line into treasonous behavior. 

While plausible deniability has been a justification for politicians’ illegal behavior since Watergate, the evidence has become so overwhelming that we can no longer deny that a conspiracy between members of the political establishment, the deep state and the mainstream media exists.   

The question then becomes whether that conspiracy broke any laws with the intention of creating a political groundswell that would bring President Trump down.  If they did break any laws 18 U.S. Code Chapter 96 – RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS, commonly referred to as RICO law, would come into play.  It has been a critical tool in dismantling organized crime. 

So, let’s examine what we know.

The outrage coming from both the mainstream media and Trump’s political opponents over allegations that President Trump violated national security during his recent meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is an attempt to discredit the president and plant in the minds of voters that he is unfit to hold high office.  Fair enough, but once they began calling for impeachment Trump’s opponents may have crossed the line into a conspiracy to commit treason.  Here’s why.

While discrediting the president is accepted political gamesmanship, calling for the impeachment of a duly elected president based on false charges is as much an attempt to overthrow the government as any physical attack may be.

Whether the president disclosed any previously classified information to his Russian guests may show bad judgment but it violates no law.  The president is the final arbiter of the classification status of sensitive information and can declassify or reclassify sensitive information at will.  As such, this would become an issue for the voters to decide.

Additionally the president, any president as well as any negotiator, must be able to give something in order to get something.  As an example, Hillary got $135 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation and the Russians got 20% of our Uranium.  Nothing to see here just ask the current crop of traitorous co-conspirators in government and the MSM.

Or, is there?  If the “leaker” of the story was in that meeting, and then divulged the nature of the classified information to the mainstream media which then shouted it from the rooftops with the intention of bringing down the president then that would be treason. 

If the MSM simply made up the story, that’s a serious possibility considering the lack of evidence so far produced, the conspiracy between the MSM and establishment pols would still exist.

A look at the MSM’s immediate reaction shows widespread condemnation of President Trump and calls for his impeachment.  This provides necessary elements to establishing the conspiracy.

Whether politically motivated or not, establishment politicians who joined that chorus became part of the conspiracy to take out President Trump, or to at least seriously damage his ability to govern in the manner he was elected to.

But was a crime against the United States committed in order to buttress the opposition’s political play?  The answer is unequivocally yes.

When President Trump alerted the Russians to the threat of laptops planted with explosives being permitted on airliners he was well within his rights.  In fact, the MSM had reported that laptops had been banned for precisely this reason at least as early as April 25th, well before the meeting with the Russians took place.

The president was merely sharing that information in a confidential setting with an ally in our war against ISIS.  The Russians had every reason to protect both the information and the source of that information.  It may even be that the Russian intelligence had already turned up that information.

If President Trump did nothing illegal who did?

When the MSM began openly speculating that the information had been provided by Israeli intelligence they put our relationship with Israel in peril whether the story was true or not.  Worse, the very presence of this story in the MSM unnecessarily and intentionally endangered every intelligence asset embedded within ISIS by putting the terrorist organization on alert.  Leaking of classified of information is, in itself, a violation of the Espionage Act.

The RICO law was written to allow prosecutors to tie otherwise lawful activities (plausible deniability,) committed by multiple parties together to show that a criminal conspiracy existed when a crime has been committed.

There is no question that leaker violated federal law by disseminating classified information.  Whether the MSM acted lawfully in blasting the information far and wide is an argument for the courts to decide, but once they began calling for impeachment, without offering any counter arguments, it crossed the line and became a criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people. 

Then, when politicians began joining in it became a criminal conspiracy to depose of a duly elected president who hadn’t committed a crime.  This cannot be dismissed as a political ploy.  This rises to the level of conspiracy to commit treason.

Rudy Giuliani dismantled New York City’s mafia using the RICO statutes.  He also knows the extent of the criminal activities within our government:

Where is he when we need him?  It’s time for President Trump to call his longtime friend and begin “Draining the Swamp.”