Craven Dems Step Waaay Over the Line… By Voting Down the Financial Rescue Package They Threaten Every Citizen’s Equities, Jobs, Safety, and Health

My father was born in 1912.  He lived through the Great Depression hoboing in order to relieve the burden on his family’s need to feed his four sisters.

That experience hardened him and turned him into one tough SOB.

He told me how the scant availability of food and other necessities caused a breakdown in the civil society.

Men, normally good God-fearing men, would resort to criminal activity if that is what it would take to feed their families.

Thanks to Bitch Pelosi and Cucky Schumer we may now be facing a similar societal breakdown in our near future… our very near future.

There is no amount of bullshit the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the alphabet soup Chinese/Democrat propaganda news networks can repeat that will excuse what the Democrats did today.

Democrats saw $1.6 Trillion in spending and threw a hissy fit insisting that unless their donors and special interests get their chunk of it, they would vote it down.  

They are holding our families hostage until they get their cut.  They have revealed themselves to be a criminal syndicate preying on anyone and everyone in society.

I’ve been biting my tongue since the vote but screw it… F.U.C.K. THEM.