Coverup? Why is No One Looking For a Second Shooter?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Elder Patriot – As the official narrative is getting a nice tidy bow tied around it there are reasons to question what authorities are telling us.

Two new videos have surfaced of what appears to be gunfire coming from the Mandalay Bay.  Both show that something was going on from a vantage point on a floor much closer to the ground, and above the hotel’s marquee, than the 32nd floor that we have been told the “lone wolf” shooter was positioned on.

The second video confirms the location of what appears to be a second shooter from the same location on the lower floor as the first video.

This video appears to come from someone wearing a body cam and with direct communication to a base station.  Is she a police officer?

In light of these two videos why are investigators so intent on declaring this the act of a lone wolf before conducting a much more in depth investigation?

Does it strike anyone else as suspicious that after a year of investigating allegations of Trump-Russia collusion the best investigators in the world haven’t given up but in less than 24 hours everything that needs to be known about Stephen Paddock is already known?

With both Antifa and ISIS claiming ties to Paddock doesn’t that warrant further examination?  Shouldn’t we know if Antifa and ISIS are aligned?

Yesterday, Alex Jones disclosed that a source on the HRT that stormed the shooter’s room on the 32nd floor said that they had killed Paddock after he had fired on them.  He also claimed his source had revealed that the room was littered with ISIS and Antifa information.

Throughout the Obama administration we ignored information that placed the blame for terrorist attacks on Islamic radicals.  Why is that continuing and why is Antifa getting the same protective treatment?

Perhaps there’s nothing to Jones’ report.  If that’s the case then we need to know that.  To dismiss it out of hand in light of the media’s handling of Charlottesville is irresponsible.  We need the truth and answers as to why we aren’t getting it if we are to effectively combat our enemies and not simply surrender our liberties in the name of some imagined increased safety.

At this point the more important question to be answered may be why the mainstream media and so many government officials refuse to acknowledge Antifa as a terrorist group?