Cover up! Former Federal Prosecutor Tells Listeners What to Watch for When the Mueller Report is Released Tomorrow

Elder Patriot – Yesterday, President Trump tweeted attention to an article written by former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy:

McCarthy also gave an interview to WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall where he discussed what to expect when Attorney General William Barr releases the Mueller Report tomorrow.

It’s worth a listen.

McCarthy reminds listeners that it’s fine to examine non-criminal entanglements between Russia and American politicians but that isn’t the work that prosecutors do.

Here’s a couple of highlights:

At the 4:56 mark, McCarthy points to the abject hypocrisy of the conspiracy to connect Donald Trump to Russia in some nefarious manner.

“My attitude is if you want to make a big deal out of non-criminal connections between politicians and Russia, I’m all for it.  Because I’m one of these, you know, anteDiluvian Cold Warriors that Barack Obama mocked Mitt Romney over years ago.”

“My attitude is if we’re going to do this then let’s do it for everybody, not just Trump.  Let’s look at everybody’s connections to Russia because this government, whether it’s under Republicans or Democrats, for thirty years, carried on like Russia was just peachy.

“You know, they’re our ally, they’re our strategic partner, they’re going to help us with counterterrorism.  It’s just great to do commerce with them.

“Then all of a sudden November 8, 2016 comes and the music stops.  And Donald Trump is the guy left without a chair.”

“Let’s look at everybody’s connections [to Russia]”

Host Vince Coglianese then moves the conversation to the bizarre single charge brought against Julian Assange last week. (6:05 mark):


“Well one of the bizarre features of all of this that you pointed out this week, in a new column, is that Julian Assange of all people has not been charged with anything related to colluding with Russia.

“I thought he was the linchpin.  He was the centerpiece. WikiLeaks was the cutout that Russia was using to attack America.

“Why no charges related to that?”


“Ha ha. How about that, huh?

Look, two years the Justice Department, the FBI, the Special Counsel put the country through an investigation of the President of the United States on no factual predicate that he was in a conspiracy with Russia under circumstances where, if you read the special counsel’s indictments, it has to have been pretty clear to him since at least the end of 2017 that there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy.


“So that’s one pile.

“Now we get to Assange.  The guy who they’ve told us from the beginning is in the conspiracy with Russia.  He’s like the main conspirator. And they finally get him and they can lodge charges against them, and they don’t put in the Russia conspiracy?

“Isn’t that amazing?”

According Ryan Grim at the Intercept, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands just how corrupt the whole damn system is:

WHITE HOUSE CHIEF of Staff John Kelly blocked Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., from briefing President Donald Trump about a meeting he had in London in August with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Rohrabacher told The Intercept.

Rohrabacher claimed Assange had shown him and his traveling companion, Charles Johnson, definitive proof that Russia was not the source of the Democratic Party communications that WikiLeaks published during the 2016 campaign. Assange was willing to share that information with American officials, Rohrabacher said, but he was never able to present the offer to the president.

Whatever could everyone be hiding?  We’ve been calling for Assange to be deposed since August of 2016.  Despite deposing 500 witnesses, Mueller never got around to it. Weird.