Corruption Charges and a Lack of Voter Enthusiasm Leaves Clinton Campaign in Free Fall

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s decision to cancel her scheduled campaign events everywhere else and to return to California is telling.  While the Democratic Party’s nomination is currently Mrs. Clinton’s to lose, that is only because of the support of the party’s superdelegates that she now enjoys.  Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, they are free to change their votes at any time.

In politics momentum is everything and Bernie Sanders has had the momentum for the past month, winning six of the seven primaries contested during that time.  This has not gone unnoticed by the party’s superdelegates, or California’s Democratic voters who are beginning to feel the bern.

California Democrats have been re-thinking their support for Hillary.  Only a week ago she had a 17-point lead over Bernie Sanders in statewide polling there.  But Bernie’s relentless barnstorming of the state has closed the margin to 2-points.  Sanders message of fighting corruption stands in sharp contrast to Mrs. Clinton who represents the essence of corruption to 60% of the voters.

The specter of losing California to Sanders was once considered unfathomable to the Clinton campaign but now that it has become a very real possibility her advisors have decided she needs to return to the Golden State in an attempt to stop the bleeding.  For Mrs. Clinton it may be too little too late.

What is left unsaid is the growing concern that FBI’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails will reveal more than her simple mishandling of classified information.

With the FBI’s investigation into her email scandal continuing to expand, it is now threatening to expose a much wider trail of corruption including pay for play and foreign influence peddling.  Both Democrats and Republicans within their party’s hierarchies are becoming fearful that they will be implicated, or worse.

Many of the superdelegates are beginning to come to the conclusion that the time might be right to “cleanse” the party of the aging politician and the cloud of impropriety that follows her.

The polls that continue to show Mrs. Clinton leading Donald Trump are a sham.  They are relying on Barack Obama’s turnout numbers to overestimate expected Democrat support of Hillary even though her primary turnout hasn’t even reached the level she attained in losing to future President Obama in 2008.  Twenty-five percent of Bernie’s supporters say they will not vote for her in November and her internal polling shows Trump on the path to a forty state landslide.

Everyone is walking on pins and needles in fear that a President Trump, unencumbered by insider allegiances, will open the investigation to go wherever the facts take it if he moves as he said he will to to clean out the nest of corruption that Washington has devolved into.

At this point everyone in Washington would like the Clintons to go away but that is not in the Clinton’s plans.

All of this has led to a lack of fervor in support of Hillary that will only diminish further as the FBI continues uncovering the politicos in both parties that conspired with her to protect their private life, for their personal enrichment and/or to protect the queen bee.

Hillary Clinton has become radioactive but no one dares do anything because they are afraid the Clintons will employ a scorched earth policy in response.  So the Democrats resort to hoping that the FBI’s probe results in a criminal referral prior to their convention.  That would provide President Obama with the ammunition he needs to convince her to step aside. 

In exchange he would offer to squelch an indictment by his Department of Justice and promise Mrs. Clinton a pardon before he leaves office.