How Corrupt are the Dems? Maxine Waters Facing FEC Audit in Line to Become Financial Services Chairman if Dems Win the House

Elder Patriot – ‘Maxine Waters found an old provision and turned it into a cottage industry.’ – Tom Anderson, National Legal and Policy Center

If your wondering where the nearly $1 Trillion in excess annual spending went during the Obama years the answer is not to you or to any other American.  This is the way the Democrat leadership rolls.

They use government to buy allegiance and to get fat.  

Think about it.  It’s almost unimaginable that a vile human like Maxine Waters has been elected to Congress 14 consecutive times.  This November, unless Omar Navarro pulls off an upset of seismic proportions, the voters in her district will return the 80 year-old “Aunt Esther,” to Congress, perhaps to the chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

Democrats are prepared to put her in charge of the committee, regardless of the fact that The National Legal and Policy Center has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Waters, her campaign and a pro-charter school group called Families and Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa.

This is the second complaint filed against Waters by The National Legal and Policy Center. The most recent complaint was filed last Thursday and reads:

“Since the commission has given federal campaigns broad discretion involving slate mailers it is imperative the issues cited in this complaint are fully investigated and all penalties and fines that may result from a finding that the Citizens for Waters campaign was in violation of the statutes cited should be applied in full.”

Waters sends slate mailers, which are essentially sample ballots, to about 200,000 Los Angeles voters – highlighting whom she supports.

While candidates may legally pay a reimbursement for being named on the the slate mailer of another candidate, a line is crossed if the payment actually buys the endorsement of the candidate who sends the slate mailer or, if the payment is in excess of a fair share of the mailer.  That would represent a campaign contribution far in excess of the established legal limit.

This is the crux of the pending investigation.

Here is where Waters has crossed the line.

The first complaint was filed nearly three months ago on July 25th.

That complaint states that the California Democratic party paid $35,000 to the Waters campaign in 2016 to include the endorsement of Kamala Harris’ Senate candidacy on the mailer.  Somehow you knew Kamala Harris’ name was going to show up somewhere, didn’t you?

The most recent complaint cites a $25,000 payment from a group failed gubernatorial candidate – Antonio Villaraigosa.

Tom Anderson is right – Maxine Waters has turned an old provision into a cottage industry.  She likely got away with it while Barack Obama controlled the FEC because no one was going to call her on it.

Water has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars each election cycle this way.  Much of that money coming from some of California’s highest-ranking politicians who paid for the listings.

If Waters is purposely blurring the line between legitimate reimbursements (from candidates she’s already endorsed) and shakedowns of other candidates for her endorsement, that is a serious offense.

If she is using this as a ruse to circumvent legal contribution limits from fat donors that is another serious offense.

In case you’re wondering, this is not new for Waters.

Waters’ slate mailers have been under scrutiny since 2010.  

Also, Waters’ campaign has paid her daughter Karen Waters, or her public relations firm Progressive Connections, $750,000 to produce, print and mail the sample ballots in 2004.

This isn’t the same as overspending on drapes or desks as officials working for President Trump have been accused of doing.

A sober view, if these charges stick, is that Waters has not only violated campaign financing laws, but may be guilty of extortion and money-laundering.  

Whether Waters is found guilty or not is a separate issue because politicians are rarely held accountable for anything.  

Still, if Waters can extract millions of dollars in marginally legal schemes – keep in mind she could list candidates she supports for free – from simple slate mailers, we can only imagine what she would be able to extract from the trillions of dollars that funnels through the U.S. government on an annual basis.

Waters represents a safe district – one that would vote for a dead goat as long as it was on the Democrat slate – so she is a virtual lock to be in line for the chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee if Democrats take control of the House in the midterms.

Every other voter across the country should weigh the importance this when evaluating a vote for a Democrat in their district because every Democrat win anywhere puts this criminal one vote closer to the chairmanship.