Corporate America Folds to Marxists’ Economic Terrorism and Sever Relations With the NRA – Consider Their Competitors When Making Buying Decisions

Elder Patriot – First National Bank of Omaha, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Symantec, Metlife, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Best Western all succumbed to pressure from the Marxist PR campaign aimed at demonizing the NRA following the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. that the police refused to answer.

The seven companies are just a small representative sampling of companies that have once again shown the same lack of fortitude as Scott Peterson the armed officer who cowered like a baby when he was called to duty.

The NRA has a long history of defending those who lack the financial resources or the political clout to do so. 

Protecting gun ownership is as much a civil rights issue as any issue the NAACP has ever taken on. 

An old adage from the Wild West pretty much explains it in nine words: 

“God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!”

And, it has been the NRA that that have protected the gun rights of the indigent – regardless of color since its inception in 1871.  Shortly after the Democrats founded the KKK intimidate blacks into not voting and enjoying other of their newfound freedoms, the NRA was founded to protect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.

And, it was the NRA who supported Otis McDonald when he sued the city of Chicago to have a firearm in his home to defend himself.  McDonald was black.

Today, the NRA is one of the few entities offering specifics about ways to improve school safety and that is promoting grants to economically challenged schools to be sure they get the same quality of safety that wealthier schools enjoy.

So, for these companies that chose to buckle rather that stand for our Constitutional protections I will be finding other vendors with whom to spend my money – those who will defend those rights.

It seems the only thing these corporate skanks understand is economic pressure.  So join me in laying some on them.  And while you’re at it think about joining or renewing your NRA membership today.

They are all that stand between us and tyranny.