Conservatism Redefined. You Can’t Tell The Players Without a Scorecard!

ELDER PATRIOT – Listening to the national debate we have been told that a candidate who is in favor of controlling our borders, balancing trade agreements to protect American jobs and keep our money at home, and balancing the federal budget is not conservative.  That has been and remains the argument against Donald Trump, that he isn’t a conservative. 

Frankly, if conservative ideals require the absence of any control on our borders, sending a trillion dollars annually abroad rather than keeping it at home to rebuild our ailing economy, and spending profligately so that our children’s futures will be limited by the irresponsible debt we have accrued, then why would anyone want to vote for a conservative?

The term has been co-opted by a Republican establishment class desperate to complete their globalist agenda.  To accomplish their goals they will need one more victory this November.  That would permit fast-tracking the passage of more debilitating trade deals that would encompass the entire world and ending U.S. sovereignty, as well as putting in place liberal Supreme Court justices to ensure another 30 years of decisions that would finish turning our society into a magnet for the world’s indigent seeking to feed off of government largesse while rendering our nation’s morality on a par with Sodom and Gomorrah.   For them, if that requires twisting the meaning of the term “conservative” then so be it.  They have no plans to use it in another four years anyway, unless it’s to draft legislation defining what constitutes illegal political debate.

But, some skank Republican elites still use the word for its traditional meaning if it can help them to get elected.  This is happening in the Seventh Congressional District in New Jersey where free-spending, open border liberal Republican incumbent, Leonard Lance, has resorted to glossy campaign mailers (at taxpayers expense) charging that his Tea Party backed opponent isn’t a conservative.  It is so full of lies that one has to wonder if the New York Times wrote it for him.


Lance has consistently helped the Democrats pass their agenda and attain the funding that it required through his membership in the Republican Main Street Partnership.  This is a group of House and Senate RINOs who meet to decide which of them is best positioned to help pass any particular Democrat motion for the purpose of causing the least political fallout to their members in their home districts.

Lance has voted to raise the debt limit so many times it’s hard to tell the difference between him and Nancy Pelosi.  He has consistently voted in favor of Obama’s open borders policies and directed hundreds of billions of tax dollars to help illegal immigrants settle here, and we’re yet to see a trade deal that he won’t support.

Perhaps Representative Lance can explain to the voters of his district why the Conservative Review has given him an “F” score for his 46% percent voting record.  Compare this to Scott Garrett of the neighboring Fifth District who received an “A” rating for his 92% voting record.  Lance’s Seventh District consistently identifies as the most conservative of New Jersey’s congressional districts.  Lance has only held onto his seat by lying about himself and his opponent.

So he misrepresents his voting record, that’s hardly earth-shattering news for a politician.  But what he’s attempting to do to Dave Larsen is beyond despicable. 

I’ve had a close association with Dave Larsen since 2011 and we remain friends to this day.  I worked on his 2012 campaign from the beginning and spent time walking door-to-door with him.  You get to know a man when you spend that much time alone driving the district and eating fast food together.  He is truly one of the finest people I’ve ever met and he may be more Reagan than Ronald Reagan was himself. 

The only shred of truth in Lance’s mailer is the property tax claim against Larsen.  Larsen was still running his family’s business back then and like every other entrepreneur trying to survive the flagging economy his business saw sales bottom out.

Larsen had to choose between paying his employees or paying his property taxes.  Rather than share his hardship with his employees he chose to take the hit himself.

Anyone familiar with New Jersey knows that its property tax rates are usurious.  Making matters worse is the 18% interest rate municipalities can charge on the unpaid balance, something Leonard Lance has strongly supported since his days in the New Jersey legislature.

To his credit Larsen restored his business (while so many others around him went out of business) and repaid the back taxes with the 18% interest.

The voters in the Seventh Congressional District in New Jersey are overwhelmingly conservative.  Lance knows this and is attempting to muddy the waters.  Chris Christie has endorsed Lance, calling him a true conservative in the process.  This is why nothing ever changes.  Christie isn’t a conservative either, having plunged New Jersey even further down the rabbit hole of unsustainable debt during his six years as governor.

Voters everywhere deserve to know the truth about their Congressmen and Representatives in order to make informed decisions.  If they do, representatives like Leonard Lance will be sent into retirement without so much as a thank you.