Congressional Office of Compliance Holds a Treasure Trove of Incriminating Evidence and Political Power

Elder Patriot – It’s all about power and seventeen million dollars buys a lot of silence from the victims of sexual assault who worked as staffers to House members.

But, it’s not the staffers’ silence that is as important here as history has shown us is the president’s silence.

The Office of Compliance was established under the presidency of Bill Clinton a man of little personal character and, if possible, even less patriotic spirit.  That is why he signed it into law.  For those who doubt that last assertion why else would the great feminist defender sign into law a bill silencing women who have been sexually violated? 

Information about the sexual peccadillos of people whose votes he needed or chairmen of key committees that he needed to look the other way on issues of corruption provided powerful incentive to keep these representatives in line just like the 900 FBI files found in Hillary’s possession were used for. 

Why do you think the Democrats vote in lockstep without a single member of their caucus ever dissenting?  Blue state Republicans often breaks rank with their party’s agenda but Red state Dems never do without the permission of party bosses.

Then, when these sexual reprobates run for re-election they have the temerity to accuse their political opponents of the exact lecherous behavior they themselves have been guilty of.

This brings us to the despicable John Conyers who has been in Congress for more than 52 years representing Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. 

During that time he’s supported policies that led to the devastation of Detroit and the automotive industry that was once the lifeblood for his entire district.  Conyers is not a stupid man.  A bad policy decision or two, over say ten years, may be explainable if eventually corrected.  A half century of supporting policies that destroyed the dreams of his constituents suggests something much more sinister at play.

Late yesterday we learned why Conyers sold out the people who trusted him with their votes.  Why?  Multiple sworn affidavits describe the Congressman as a serial sexual harasser who would prey on his female staffers.  Oh, and Conyers is married.

The Office of Compliance had made payouts to the women Conyers sexually harassed.  If anyone cares to do the legwork there’s likely a trail of payments outside of the Office of Compliance as well. 

Anyone who possessed this information – like a president – had the ability to wield power over him and change his vote.

Conyers was a valuable man to have control over.  He had risen to the become Chairman of both the House Judiciary and the House Oversight Committees.

Who will forget Conyer’s defense of Hillary during the myriad of investigations for which she was brought before those committees that eventually allowed her spin room to call her the most investigated candidate in the history of presidential politics.  Kind of like the Teflon Don, John Gotti.

Of course, President Obama would never stoop to leveraging incriminating evidence for political gain would he?  Before you answer remember that would be the same President Obama who stood silently by while his party’s political apparatus paid Russians for a dossier containing phony charges of sexual deviance and then approved his Justice Department using it as evidence to obtain a surveillance warrant against a political opponent. 

Of course no one expected us to ever find out what was hidden in the files at the Office of Compliance because no one expected Hillary to lose. 

But, Donald Trump won.  And, the longer he holds office the more we are learning that the corruption that’s being exposed are not isolated incidents but that the corruption of our federal government was almost complete.

And, it would’ve been had Hillary won.

That is why, as disturbing as the allegations against Roy Moore may be, I cannot support the election of someone who has promised to be another vote against President Trump.

Besides, Roy Moore may now be the most investigated man in political history and there have been no allegations of impropriety for 38 years.  There’s precious few politicians in Washington that can say that truthfully.