Congress Fiddles – Trump Soars! It’s Hard to Believe What He Accomplished Yesterday…

ELDER PATRIOT – The resistance blocking any victory by President Trump suffered another setback yesterday and this one was monumental. 

The president convened a meeting with many of the top CEO’s of America’s most important technology companies yesterday and what he accomplished during it is nothing short of astounding.

Remember, these are the same C.E.O.’s who walked into this meeting as leading anti-Trumpers.  That’s what makes everyone’s comments after the meeting so significant.  After spending a few hours with the Deal-Maker-in-Chief it was all kumbaya and blue skies ahead.

Google’s Eric Schmidt said, “I’m absolutely convinced that during your administration there is going to be a huge explosion of new opportunities because of the platforms that are getting built in our industry.”

Apple’s Tim Cook cast a shadow on the Obama administration when he said, “The U.S. should have the most modern government in the world, and today it doesn’t.”

Even Jeff Bezos, whose Washington Post never has anything positive to say about President Trump, said this could be the “innovation administration…I think you guys are already headed that way.”

The consensus of opinion at the conclusion of the meeting was that Trump’s effort to enlist their companies to modernize every aspect of government would save $1 trillion annually!

That would wipe out almost the entire annual deficit with just this single initiative!

But that’s not even the half of it.  These executives agreed that the economy would experience double that amount in GDP growth because of the President’s forward thinking in harnessing the economic potential that will come from the technologies they have developed or are in the process of developing.  That’s $2 trillion in GDP growth – more than 10% our current GDP.

While Congress debates ways to continue defrauding the American people and to block President Trump’s agenda (in a misplaced effort to maintain both the status quo and their political power,) Trump remains undeterred in unleashing America’s economic promise.

Imagine what Trump could accomplish if even half of the 535 hacks masquerading as senators and congressmen signed on to help him.