Elder Patriot – Those hoping this signals an end to the political tug of war taking place between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump should not get to far over their skis.

More likely, the president is intent on moving public opinion in his direction and has decided that a three week cessation of hostilities will inure to his political benefit.

Already Pelosi is increasingly viewed as stridently intransigent and aloof while the president has been openly ready to compromise.

Voters have also noticed that while Pelosi vacationed in Hawaii and tried avoiding dealing with the shutdown by attempting to flee to the Middle East a few days after her return from Christmas break, Trump remained in Washington straight thru the holidays until the present, ready to negotiate.

The propaganda media will paint this as Trump caving to Pelosi.  The view from here is Trump has played her like the proverbial fiddle.

With the government reopened, Pelosi will be hard pressed to continue her denial of Trump’s access to the House chambers to give his State of the Union address next Tuesday.

To Trump that represents the opportunity to walk into the Speaker’s lair and verbally smack her around for her refusal to negotiate.  In a proper way, of course.

Trump will be able to lay out his program and areas of compromise offered to Democrats, in detail along with his reasoning, with Pelosi cringing from the podium directly behind him.   All while the entire nation is watching.

Trump agreed to temporarily reopen the government for a three week period, according to the president, because Democrat negotiators agreed to include barriers in a bill to be presented to him within the next 21 days.

By making the announcement Trump defined the terms of the agreement before Schumer and/or Pelosi could, as the two lawmakers did to him last year.

That forced Trump to react rather than set the debate:

Trump will not make that mistake again.  The president knows that his success depends on his ability to frame the debate.  He also knows that the latest Harvard/Harris Poll, conducted by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn, reveals that in excess of 80 percent of American voters either strongly or somewhat support a crackdown on illegal alien crime.

It’s up to Trump to make the case.

During his announcement from the Rose Garden moments ago, Trump pressed the facts about the levels of crime and drugs currently eating at the fiber of our culture and communities.  Expect more of that while the negotiations are underway.

Trump is giving his opponents a final opportunity to do the right thing.  If they fail to reach an agreement by the February 15th deadline he has set, he threatened to build the wall without Congressional approval using the power granted to him by the National Emergency Act.

If that were to happen Democrats walk away with nothing in exchange.  Those who said the president had cornered himself by “owning” the shutdown may now want to reconsider that.

Democrats has often cited “experts” who contend no wall, fence, or barrier is necessary for securing the border.  They will now be given a chance to present these experts.

Republicans will also be given that opportunity.

We already know what the people who are responsible for patrolling the border will say.  Who are better experts than they are?

Do not underestimate this president.