IT Company Colluded With Jim Comey to Protect DNC

ELDER PATRIOT -Under the direction of Andrew Breitbart and later Steve Bannon, Breitbart broke the toughest and most dangerous stories. 

Once Bannon left to take charge of the Trump campaign, the lawyers took over the management of Breitbart and things changed.  They no longer advanced stories that put the organization at risk of reprisal.

That forced their most intrepid reporters, those handling the most significant and important investigations to leave, or be asked to leave Breitbart.  That included Lee Stranahan who had become known for eschewing personal risk in order to get the proof necessary to expose corruption and deceit at the highest levels of government.

Men like Stranahan refuse to be deterred, however and he launched the website

This week he attempted to enter the offices of Crowdstrike the tech company that Democrats hired to complete the forensic examination of the DNC server after it had reportedly been compromised by Russian hackers.

Here is Stranahan’s video report.

The fact that Comey accepted Crowdstrike’s report and didn’t demand that the F.B.I. conduct its own examination is astounding.  Since when does the F.B.I. outsource investigations into intrusions that threaten our national security?

Perhaps it means nothing that Russian ex-pat Dmitri Alperovitch is a leading player at Crowdstrike, but if he had been under Trump’s employ that would’ve been a potential conspiracy Comey would still be investigating and the MSM would be making endless hay over.

This marked the second time that Comey allowed the surrogates of a target of an F.B.I. criminal investigation to determine what evidence his agents would get to see.

The first was when he inexplicably gave immunity to every Clinton confidant questioned during the course of her email investigation and even allowed them to destroy their communication devices and all of the evidence that they might’ve contained.  If there were no incriminating evidence why would those devices have been destroyed?

Comey should be made to answer for allowing Clinton to maintain control over her infamous server for months after it should’ve been seized for evidence and then allowing her attorneys to decide which emails would be turned over to F.B.I. investigators and then allowing Mrs. Clinton’s legal team to scrub the server before providing it to the F.B.I.’s forensic investigators.

All things any reasonable prosecutor would grant to any suspect, wouldn’t you agree?

Why is Comey protecting Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the DCCC?  Why would Comey put himself at risk of criminal prosecution to protect the Clinton web of corruption? 

Comey is a key witness in the Russian investigation so it’s important that Americans know the depth of Comey’s collusion in this case.