COMEY LIED: Why is Mueller Still Investigating? What is Mueller Investigating?

ELDER PATRIOT – Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to move to a grand jury, coupled with newly confirmed F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray’s response to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) FOIA request may indicate that the race is on between those wanting to depose President Trump and those interested in exposing the truth and then letting the chips fall where they may.

The appointment of Mueller stunk from the beginning and nothing about the way he has conducted his investigation up to this point has changed that opinion.  Except now there may be no legitimacy to Mueller’s investigation at wall.

  • Mueller’s prior relationship with James Comey – either a key witness or a potential subject of his investigation – negated the legitimacy of his appointment in the first place.
  • Mueller’s twelve years as F.B.I. director proved, that like Jim Comey who followed him in that position, he was willing to turn a blind eye towards entrenched establishment corruption that we pointed out here and here.

Mueller’s choice of assistants to conduct this investigation is a who’s who of Clinton lawyers, donors, and sycophants.  This only reinforces our concerns that Mueller isn’t interested in the truth but rather only in continuing to defend the Clintons and the swamp that they cultivated for three decades much in the same way the Comey did, as we learned earlier today.

  • Mueller’s play is being bolstered by corrupt members of the senate who are taking action to strengthen Mueller’s appointment beyond the act authorizing that appointment, because they know that they are equally at risk if they allow Trump to move forward in draining the swamp:

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware introduced legislation that would allow any special counsel for the Department of Justice to challenge his or her removal in court, with a review by a three-judge panel within 14 days of the challenge.  The bill would apply retroactively to May 17, 2017 — the day Mueller was appointed.

  • Until an investigation into Comey has been completed, and the F.B.I.’s new director Christopher Wray shows us some evidence that there is reason to look further into Donald Trumps relationship with Russia, Mueller will be conducting a witch hunt on the word of known criminal who is facing prison unless he can get Trump removed from office.

Our best hope is that Christopher Wray is the real deal – a man cut from the same mold as President Trump is. 

If he isn’t, and if Jeff Sessions continues slow-walking the investigations into the corruption that we all know Trump’s political enemies are desperate to hide, then if Trump is removed from office by some twisted legal manuever or by force, longtime political savant Ed Rollins told Lou Dobbs what to expect:

“This is the way that revolutions start.”