When it Comes to Protecting Americans Neither the President’s nor Mrs. Clinton’s Actions Pass the Smell Test

ELDER PATRIOT – Hypothetical question: If President Obama were to meet with the leader of ISIS/ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and make an offer to surrender what do you think al-Baghdadi would ask for?  And, what cover would the president need in return?

Hypothetical answer: The first thing we could expect al-Baghdadi to ask is for every American troop to leave the region. One would assume that President Obama would counter that such an action would make him look weak at home and would cost Hillary Clinton the election. 

Al-Baghdadi, preferring Clinton rather than Trump, might agree to a compromise where U.S. troop presence is minimized.  Such an arrangement would allow al-Baghdadi to degrade depleted American forces even further and that would also serve as an effective recruiting tool with which to continue building his army in his quest of a new caliphate.  With the help of a compliant media, President Obama and Mrs. Clinton could continue to insist that their plan is working, ISIS is being degraded, and as they’ve been insisting for seven and a half years, only more time stands between us and the desired result.

Feeling emboldened by having won Obama’s agreement to surrender U.S. influence in the Middle East, al-Baghdadi might reach for the brass ring and ask Obama to disarm Americans so that it will make it easier for him to unleash his growing army of Islamic radicals on American soil.

Once al-Baghdadi had secured agreement on his first two requests why would he not ask for Obama to actually fund importing his agent provocateurs into the United States where they could spread fear and undermine our Constitutional protections.

But wait, Obama, with advice from then Secretary of State Clinton had already orchestrated a troop drawdown and together they have been calling for stripping Americans of the rifles they would need to defend themselves if such an attack were to occur almost from the time they took office.

And, in denial of the almost certain infiltration of radicalized Muslims into the pool of Middle Eastern refugees being granted asylum here, both Obama and Clinton are calling for massive increases in their numbers and the funding necessary to pay for their relocation.

Let’s also pause to remember, that it was President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that made the decision to train and fund the fighters that became ISIS back in 2012, foolishly believing that they would overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and stop at that.  ISIS/ISIL was given $500 million of taxpayer money to fund their operations under orders from the Obama/Clinton team.

Only two years later, then Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel characterized ISIS this way, “They are beyond just a terrorist group.  They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess.  They are tremendously well-funded.”

Was this intentional or can they be that seriously incompetent?  After all, given political constraints, if Obama and Clinton wanted to provide more material aid to ISIS/ISIL what more could they have done?

This president and the woman who seeks to succeed him inherited a war that had been won.  They spent the next seven and a half years making decisions that have resulted in fighting in five countries, not the two they inherited, and the enemy is now stronger that at any time since they took office.

Last year Obama gave Iran a path to military nuclear capability and $150 billion and called it a victory.  Mrs. Clinton echoed those sentiments.

Only a fool wouldn’t at least ask whose side are they on?

President’s Words Say One Thing But His Actions Say Another