CNN’s Partisan Hack Jim Acosta Catches Verbal Beat Down From Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in one tough lady.  So when Jim Acosta, the partisan anti-Trump hack from CNN begins one of his daily attacks on the president for holding the press as accountable for the manner in which they do their job, as they want to hold him accountable for doing his, Huckabee Sanders was having none of it.

You’ll get a kick out of watching Acosta take what’s becoming his daily smack down from the president’s no-nonsense press secretary.

Sarah Destroys Acosta from New Videos on Vimeo.

A reporter begins by asking whether the Trump administration supports a “free press?”  The press secretary, who seems to endure this idiocy on a daily basis pointed out that the Trump administration has been more accessible than any presidential administration in memory.

Acosta, in an unprofessional manner, mocked Huckabee Sanders by sarcastically laughing out loud.  Sanders gave him some rope with which to hang himself and, as usual Acosta grabbed for it:

Acosta: Are you trying to say that this administration is a champion of a free press?  That seems…

Huckabee Sanders: I certainly think that, as I stated a moment ago, we support a free press but we also support a FAIR press. And I think that those things should go hand-in-hand and there is a certain responsibility by the press to support to report accurate information, I think a number of people…

Acosta: And there’s a certain responsibility on part of the President..

Huckabee Sanders: I’m not finished! … I think a number of people in this room do that every single day. They do their very best to provide fair and accurate information. We certainly support that and that’s one of the reasons I’m standing here taking your questions.

And a lot of times take your questions that are in a tone that is completely unnecessary, unneeded and frankly doesn’t help further the conversation or help the American people get anymore information in a better way, which is your job and my job and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Acosta: (continues interrupting)

Huckabee Sanders: I’m going to move on… David go ahead…

Continues interrupting and talking over other reporters.)

Huckabee Sanders: Jim, I’m finished [with you].

CNN has no interest in presenting even a modicum of balance to their hatred of President Trump and Acosta is the poster boy for that hatred.  The entire network is afflicted by Trump derangement syndrome as Tim Graham of the Media Research Center recently explained on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

Speaking of “Team CNN” and referencing a New York Daily News op-ed written by S.E. Cupp, Graham said:

“This is, again, people have all these really negative feelings about Trump and then they say they are facts. Your feelings aren’t facts!”

But, CNN packages it as fact and that is not the role of a free and fair press.  Opinions are fine but should be supported by facts and presented as opinions.  CNN doesn’t do that.

“And CNN being upset on a daily basis about Trump and doing 77 stories or 77 mentions this week about prostitutes and urination, that’s not news. That’s a bunch of people who are very upset about the current state of political affairs.”  [Because they are losing control of the narrative]

“There is a certain kind of team play going on here. There is Team Fox over here, which maybe we could be seen as apart of. There is team CNN over here. S.E. Cupp is on Team CNN. So, I hope the New York Daily News disclosed that. We have a disclosure problem. The same people who are upset about Sean Hannity’s disclosure [his friendship with Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen] don’t care if Chuck Todd’s wife gets two million dollars from the Bernie Sanders campaign. He does like 17 interviews with Bernie Sanders and never mentions it because his wife has nothing to do with the money coming in to his house.”