CNN Unwittingly Admits Russia Colluded With… Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and… CNN!!!

Elder Patriot – CNN is reporting that:

“At least one of the Facebook ads bought by Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign referenced Black Lives Matter and was specifically targeted to reach audiences in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, sources with knowledge of the ads told CNN.”

Ferguson and Baltimore served as Ground Zero for the since discredited, “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” narrative that fueled the Black Lives Matter dicord across the country.

CNN has finally admitted that, “The decision to target the ad in those two cities offers the first look at how accounts linked to the Russian government-affiliated troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency used geographically targeted advertising to sow political chaos in the United States.”

CNN went on to say,  “New descriptions of the Russian-bought ads shared with CNN suggest that the apparent goal of the Russian buyers was to amplify political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos.”

People with any memory at all will recall that just over a year ago at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton, in consultation with her campaign, elevated Black Lives Matter – a terrorist hate group – to a position of significance by giving them seven primetime speaking slots over every night of the convention.  That means that Hillary was also sow[ing] political chaos in the United States.”

As for “amplify[ing] political discord and fuel an atmosphere of incivility and chaos” well we have all seen that with our own eyes. 

From the paid protestors who violently disrupted Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, to the J20 protests that spawned property damage across Washington DC over the election of a president who hadn’t served a day in office, to this admission before hidden cameras, Hillary and her Democrat co-conspirators employed the same strategies as the Russians along with supporting the same groups.

John Nolte writing for Breitbart tied the Clinton-Russia-CNN axis of evil together:

“CNN cannot dance around the bottom line, the fact that the Red Menace’s goal in Ferguson and Baltimore, to Russian campaign to “amplify political discord … fuel … incivility and chaos” aligns perfectly with — surprise, surprise — the American left!

“Sowing “chaos” and “discord” in those two cities was the exact same goal pursued by Democrats, Black Lives Matter, the national media, and, most especially, CNN.

“That goal is seen in CNN’s objectively appalling behavior in Baltimore and Ferguson and the left-wing network’s relentless campaign to whip up violencehatred against law enforcement, racial animosity, and intentional provocations. CNN contributors spread lies, openly calling for increased rioting while on the air – which must have had the Russians standing and cheering.

“Here we are, though, more than a year into the Russian collusion “scandal,” and all we know so far is that Red Peril is guilty of doing what it has been doing in the United States for more than a hundred years — aligning with the American left to foment chaos.”