Is CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Really This Stupid and Bigoted?

ELDER PATRIOT – CNN host Fareed Zakaria has concluded his investigation into “Why Trump Won” and his conclusions are amazingly bigoted and convoluted to conform to his worldview. 

Zakaria believes that he, and people like him are just so much smarter than the majority of us who voted for Donald Trump.

Listening to this schmuck for 74 tortuous seconds – that’s about all you’ll be able to take – reveals how this immigrant from Mubai, India thinks he knows everything about being American when he doesn’t know jackshit.

His comments follow in bold below with my responses in red.

“We know about the economics, we know about the hollowed out factories, the coal mines.”  How can any serious analyst dismiss miss as cavalierly as he does?  Fact, after George H.W. Bush squandered the Reagan legacy, Bill Clinton won election with a simple refrain – “It’s the economy stupid.”  Were the swing voters who voted for him motivated by anything else?

“…what I was struck by was the other two factors.  Capitalism.”  Zakaria doesn’t elaborate.  I guess he’s disinterested in our concerns about the crony capitalism and corporate bailouts that marked the past two decades and left our children so deeply in debt that there’s almost no way out.

“The other factor is culture.  A real sense of cultural alienation that older, white, non-college educated Americans have.”  If I explained the voting patterns of the inner city by calling the people who lived their black and uneducated what would this racist masquerading as an elitist say to that?

A sense that their country is changing because of immigrants.  The country is changing because of immigrants but that doesn’t make people who recognize those changes anything other than political analysts in their own right.  In a free society everyone has a right to vote for border control if they believe their jobs are being taken and their children are being unnecessarily indebted to support a growing population of people – both immigrants and displaced American workers – who can’t support themselves. 

Remember, many of those Democrats who crossed over to vote for Trump were union members who previously attacked white “scabs” who dared cross their picket lines.  Maybe Zakaria hasn’t been here long enough to know our history.

Maybe Blacks are rising up to a more central place in society  His facts are off too.  Black spokesman Tavis Smiley rebuked this as a potential reason when he told Megyn Kelly, “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories” with a year left in the Obama’s final term.

Because of gays being afforded equal rights – No Fareed, equal rights are fine.  Unequal rights making the rest of us kowtow to their demands is the same as our objection to the Obamacare mandates – when you believe your “rights” take precedence over my rights you’ve missed the point of being an American.

frankly a lot of working-women are sort of muscling in on their territory that if you think about it the white working man had.  Uh, someone tell this revisionist that women have been “muscling in” for at least three decades and we still voted for Barack Obama.  A man, BTW, who is not just Black but has a Muslim name.  Zakaria can’t explain why 53% of white women voted for Trump if that was the case.  Free thinking members of both sexes – sorry if limiting the discussion to two sexes offends your progressive senses Fareed – don’t want any more government intrusion in our lives.  Obama couldn’t have been worse and Hillary promised more of the same.

The final one is class, social class.  The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us.  You know educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about a lot of things – Yes, of course, that must be it you arrogant bastard.  Sorry, we’re just too ignorant and uneducated to know what’s best for us.  Let me get this straight, you live in an over-priced box in a larger building full of these over-priced cookie cutter boxes, you overpay for everything you buy in your cosmopolitan environments, the peons who work for you have to take underground boxcars to and from work, and crime is everywhere you look and we don’t get it?

and I think there is a part of America that is sick and tired over being told what to do by this over-educated professional elite that Hillary Clinton in many way perfectly represented and that’s why they’re sticking with him. – Finally, Fareed, finally you got something right. Fareed, its your unwillingness to change your elitist worldview that Globalists like you are getting run over by the Trump train.  In America we are all equal in the eyes of God.  Oh, that’s right, you don’t believe in God either.

Frankly Fareed if you’re looking for someone who is too nativist for the good of America you should look in the mirror.  You refuse to see past your own prejudices so that you might entertain what the rest of “uneducated” dolts figured out on our own.

BTW, do you really think that denigrating the majority of Americans you’re going to be able to rebuild the progressive movement?  Thanks to Donald Trump the genie is out of the bottle and it isn’t going back in.  No matter how much you sweet talk us.