CNN Goes Full Racist: New Black Leaders Call Out 150 Years of Democrats Holding Down Uppity Blacks

Elder Patriot – In the Reconstructionist South following the Civil War, pro-slavery Democrats launched the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate those “uppity blacks” from learning to read and write, and from voting.  

One hundred years after that, Alabama Governor Democrat George Wallace barred the first black admitted to the University of Alabama from attending classes.  Can’t have those uppity negroes readin’ and writin’ on an intelligent level.

Some things never change.  Democrats’ have shifted from throwing their money at the KKK to throwing that money directly to blacks (in the form of welfare) instead.

This bought them the destruction of the black nuclear family and massive black pregnancy terminations through the federal funding of abortion.

And, Democrats still attack any black who deigns to think for themselves.  

Harken back to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing when he rightly called the Democrats’ investigation a high-tech lynching.  The entire 3:47 video is worth watching for those who have never seen his Kavanaugh-like dressing down of the scurrilous Democrats:

Democrats who will hide behind the excuse that was then and this is now consider this:

The only thing missing are the white sheets.  Talk about who are the Democrats’ house negroes, eh?

What would the difference have been if these were white people in blackface?  The words and their meaning remain unchanged.

Candace Owens makes this point using a simple comparison:

One of President Trump’s spiritual advisors, Darrell Scott tweeted about the “House Negroes at CNN” using of racial slurs to try to stem the rising tide of blacks walking away from the Democrat Party and towards true freedom.

23h23 hours ago


And, as to not being able to read, Kanye West has no problem with that either:

What’s really happening and why is CNN risking going so far over the line?  Darrell Scott has been working with President Trump on revitalizing our urban center so that blacks can finally share in the American dream in their own communities without feeling the need to flee those communities for the sake of their children.

It’s time to #WalkAway