CNN Colluded With White House Leaker on Release of Obama Letter to President Trump

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media’s obsession with discrediting Donald Trump and ending his agenda to put Americans First has become transparent at this point.  Its defense of establishment policies is as despicable as its attacks on President Trump’s character are.

Every time Trump has made a convincing speech advancing his agenda within days the MSM had come up with a personal attack on Trump that changed the week’s narrative.

When President Trump made his first speech to a joint session of Congress on February 28th it was widely hailed as a grand vision that charted a course that Americans had been clamoring for.

By March 1st the MSM was buzzing about Trump’s ties to Russia and NY Times was reporting that the Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking.  The story was of course a lie but it had achieved its purpose having wiped Trump’s vision from the MSM’s reporting.

When Trump fired James Comey for failing to do his job the outcry was that Trump was obstructing justice. 

The story was of course a lie but it had achieved its purpose having turned Trump’s attempt to “drain the swamp” on its ear.

We now know that it was Comey, under orders from Obama, who was obstructing justice.  When Trump realized this he knew that Comey would never be his partner in cleansing Washington of corruption.

When Trump was preparing to announce his policies for a return to economic prosperity, the riot in Charlottesville was staged.  The MSM changed the narrative to Trump’s alleged racism for having had the temerity to identify the “counter-protesters” as equally hateful and violent as the KKK and neo-Nazis that were there.

Now, we have learned that the Antifa “counter-protesters,” that were the instigators of the violent encounter in Charlottesville, had been designated a terrorist group by James Comey early last year while Obama was president.

The Antifa revelations – something those of us who lived through the Viet Nam riots already knew – aside from proving Trump’s post-Charlottesville statement to be completely appropriate, represented the denuding of the MSM’s narrative that America was erupting in opposition to President Trump. 

Coupled with the optics of unity coming out of Houston the MSM was about to find itself backpedaling once again.

What happens?  Boom, they are “leaked” a letter that Obama allegedly penned for Donald Trump on inauguration day.  The MSM has not seen the actual letter but they are reporting it as authentic.

Let’s assume that it is an accurate depiction of Obama’s wishes for President Trump at that moment.  So what?  Other than painting the departing president as a good Joe who appeared to be genuinely concerned that Trump be successful it ignores Obama’s action before then by ordering his justice department to ignore this and this and since Trump’s election this and this designed to undermine his presidency.

The fact of the matter is a successful Trump presidency, as defined by Trump himself, requires an uncovering of the rampant corruption that infests both parties.  That couldn’t possibly end well for Obama.

The MSM’s obsession with discrediting Trump is now as predictable as it was when Winston Churchill was sounding the alarm in pre-WWII Europe.  Like the Brits back then Americans will figure out that the MSM can’t be trusted.

As the result of the election proves most Americans already trust Trump more than the media.  This is what draining the swamp looks like.