Clinton’s Chief of Staff At The State Department Repeatedly Raises Objections Rather Than Answer Questions About Private Server

ELDER PATRIOT – Judicial Watch attorneys questioned Cheryl Mills today under an order of permission by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan who had grown weary of the unresponsiveness of both Hillary Clinton’s camp and the State Department in producing her emails as he had ordered them to do.

Mills was largely unresponsive hiding behind her attorneys who raised one objection after another.  Mills, who is an attorney, also invoked attorney-client privilege to avoid answering other questions during the contentious five-hour deposition.

While this makes the burden greater for investigators trying to get to the truth about how seriously Mrs. Clinton may have damaged national security, Mills behavior also heavily suggests that she’s helping the Clinton hide the extent of her wrongdoing.

If Mrs. Clinton’s illegal activities were limited to the use of an unauthorized email server, as egregious as that is and in violation of the Espionage Act, voters already know that and it has been factored into the electoral polls that have her running neck and neck with Donald Trump.

With the deposition of each Clinton associate it becomes clearer that Mrs. Clinton is hiding a whole lot more than is currently known.  When there is nothing to hide depositions are quick and painless.

It’s a good bet that the reason Hillary used the illegal server in the first place was to keep certain correspondence from ever being seen that could implicate her, her minions, and her political allies – foreign and domestic – in all manner of illicit arrangements from illegal fund raising schemes, money laundering, illegal coordination with superPACs, pay for play, and influence peddling.

It’s now almost a certainty that her failure to maintain a proper email account on the secure State Department Server for official business only will be what leads to her downfall.

She’s not even a good crook.