#ClintonBodyCount Trending On Twitter is More Proof Trump is Winning

Opinion & Speculation By Elder Patriot – As we write this in the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, that was reported as a suicide, #ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter.

Almost immediately Leftist whackos, led by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, tried turning Epstein’s demise into a political narrative connecting the pedophile’s death to a Russian plot to protect President Trump.

MSNBC has literally gone off the sanity rails recently in an effort to discredit President Trump even as the president’s poll numbers continue rising.

The CIA, the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent more than three years trying to prove every possible allegation, no matter how unsubstantiated or ludicrous, of a Trump-Russia connection.

Still, Leftists are sure the evidence is there if they just look harder.  

Afterall, Putin is thrilled with the most aggressive economic sanctions ever put on them by President Trump.  Putin definitely wants Trump in office as long as possible or at least until his economy crashes.

Putin has also told confidants that he’s thrilled with the United States’ massive military buildup (sarcasm.)

And who can forget the time President Trump was caught on a hot mic reassuring Russian Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after his re-election to deal with contentious issues such as missile defense:

It takes a true tin-foil hat conspiracist to continue believing in the Trump-Russia ruse.  And, according to Twitter, Americans ain’t buying it anymore.

It was the Clintons that were involved in approving the sale of U.S. assets ranging from intellectual property (China), to military secrets (China), to critical natural resources, to cyber technology critical to national security while their “charitable foundation” raked in more than $2 billion.

Peter Schweizer’s book, Clinton Cash meticulously tied together the foreign donations that found their way into the Clinton Foundation along with Hillary Clinton’s favorable decisions on the donors’ behalf while she was Secretary of State.

While all of these transactions were taking place the mainstream media refused to report on any of it.  And, anyone who threatened to talk, or who knew too much, somehow exited this life.

Now, these are unfounded allegations and should be considered as such.  

However, considering the 3-year-long witch-hunt the nation was forced to endure because Donald Trump mentioned Russia, it’s reasonable to ask why the FBI chose never to investigate Hillary Clinton even if just for mishandling classified documents.

Now, if Twitter trending has any significance, it appears that Americans have finally awakened the massive criminal enterprise that Bill and Hillary Clinton ran from the highest perches in our government.

#ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter.

It takes a certain kind of cold-hearted person to react the way Bill Clinton did following Ron Brown’s death:

Now, it’s always possible that Russia, or even President Trump, had a reason for wanting Jeffrey Epstein silenced.  But it’s hard to ignore the history of the Clintons in these matters.