Clinton Spews The Politics Of Division

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been built on dividing us along social lines, along racial lines, by educational levels, along every imaginable division she and her staff can conjure as long as their focus groups tell them that they will come out ahead, they will take a side and divide us.

From policies that pit rich versus poor, black versus white, white collar versus

Blue collar, young versus old, only their imagination limits their ability to find groups to pit against each other.

This is the currency of politicians. 

Here is Bill Clinton denigrating the “Coal People” simply because they have made it clear that they will not be voting for Hillary in response to her declaring that she would close down what’s left of their industry and, in the process, their livelihoods:

Bill is right, they did vote for him twice.  But, Hillary has promised to squeeze them out of her new vision of the economy and they have refused to blindly follow her off the cliff.  So, no longer seeing any political value to be gained from them Bill now ostracizes them to gain favor with the Greens.

This is only one example of the way Clinton politically divides people. 

Mrs. Clinton has rejected the #All LivesMatter label in favor of #BlackLivesMatter.  She turned the entire four-day DNC into a celebration for the racist hate group that has spawned the cold-blooded murder of the police.

Ignorant, guilt-ridden whites that do not reject this message of hatred embolden her to walk further out on this limb.  Mrs. Clinton, guided only by political avarice, would reject Blacks in an instant if the BLM movement wasn’t supported by enough whites to create a significant voting block.  In fact, she did reject Blacks in her angry “super predator” speech earlier in her public life when, at that time, she deemed it politically expedient for her to do so:

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The list of Mrs. Clinton’s efforts to divide us is long and involves every socio-economic demographic.  In the Clintons’ world, for every group of winners there must be a group of losers and she’ll promise whichever group can provide the most votes to her that they’ll be the winners.

The problem with this model is that it fails to acknowledge that our successes are all inter-related.  Rich and poor, black and white, old and young, every group benefits from the successes of the other groups.  While we may not all enjoy an expanding economy equally, we all derive some benefit from it.  Everyone benefits together or suffers together…except the elites who benefit always.  And, the elites are exactly the group Hillary is really running to represent.

Donald Trump does not view the world through that lens.  As a businessman he knows that a good deal is when he wins but a great deal is when everyone wins. 

That is why Trump spoke these words to a congregation at the Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, Michigan:

“I want to make America prosperous for everyone. I want to make this city the economic envy of the world. We can do that, we can do that again. Factories everywhere, new roads and bridges, new schools, especially schools and new hope.

Now, in these hard times for our country, let us turn again to our Christian heritage to lift up the soul of our nation. I am so deeply grateful to be here today and it is my prayer that America of tomorrow, and I mean that, the American of tomorrow will be one of unity, togetherness and peace, and perhaps we can add the word prosperity — OK, prosperity.”

Trump knows what’s possible in the rebuilding of neighborhoods when an infrastructure – roads, sewers, the electrical grid, gas lines, plumbing, subway systems – is already in place.  He’s done this before in New York and entire neighborhoods enjoyed renewal.  He knows developers are chomping at the bit to be freed to do it everywhere if only government regulations governing the Democrat controlled plantations would be opened to such investment.

He knows this because Trump, and investor-developers like him, doesn’t see black or white.  They only see green. 

If only the people would listen to Trump’s words and not the Clinton campaign’s desperate effort to besmirch him.