Clinton Operative Scripted Democrats’ Star Witness Michael Cohen’s Testimony and it Still Failed Miserably

Opinion| Lanny Davis is one of those D.C. insiders that makes your skin crawl.  

The kind of person who attaches themselves to high-flying politicians and then prove their fealty to them by their willingness to do anything, no matter how contemptible or beneath common decency, to stay in that inner circle.

It now appears that Michael Cohen hoped to fill the same role for Donald Trump even though he denied wanting to join the Trump White House during yesterday’s testimony.

Even CNN had to admit that Cohen had lied about wanting a job working in the Trump administration:

The fact that Cohen was lying was corroborated by others with knowledge of the situation:

As we know, Michael Cohen didn’t make the cut and subsequently got swept up in the special counsel’s witch-hunt to take down President Trump.

At that point Cohen decided, for reasons only known to himself, to turn on Trump and join with Democrats’ prosecution of the president.  He chose Lanny Davis to be his attorney and counselor.

How did Cohen find himself in this position?  Let’s take a look back.

The special counsel was appointed ostensibly to find evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to become president.  In the process of trying to obtain that evidence, special counsel Robert Mueller ordered the FBI to conduct raids on Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s home, office, and hotel suite.

The fact that Cohen was acknowledged to be President Trump’s attorney didn’t seem to matter to Mueller.  So much for attorney-client privilege.

The hypocrisy of that has been lost on Trump-hating Democrat sycophants who somehow justified James Comey’s FBI giving Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Cheryl Mills, immunity and allowed her to destroy evidence, rather than forcing her to testify under oath against Mrs. Clinton.

The objective in both cases was, or should have been, centered on potential damage to our national security.  The only difference was that the evidence against Hillary Clinton was overwhelming, and as Michael Cohen told us yesterday, there was no evidence of collusion.

Cohen’s testimony yesterday included multiple unproven accusations against President Trump, but he confirmed on multiple occasions that he saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Those unproven accusations were the reason for Cohen’s appearance yesterday.  This was the House Democrats’ opening salvo and while it failed miserably to prove collusion it opened the door to countless more investigations.

And, as with the Russian collusion delusion, Cohen offered no evidence to buttress the claims, innuendo and doubt about other events Donald Trump was involved with.

And, that was the plan from the beginning.

Listen to Jim Jordan’s opening statement, “This was the Michael Cohen hearing choreographed by Lanny Davis.”

The Pelosi-led House knows there was never any evidence of collusion between Donald Trump, his campaign, and Russia.

It’s likely she knew that from the very beginning of Crossfire Hurricane that it was a hoax since the DNC, along with the Clinton campaign, paid for the Steele dossier that became the primary piece of evidence for opening the investigation and surveillance of Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Trump-Russia was a convenient narrative to take the focus off of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and, coincidentally to damage the presidency of Donald Trump.

Now that Democrats have played this losing hand to the end, they need to pivot to another line of attack against President Trump.  They won’t stand a chance in 2020 if they fail to take down Trump because Americans aren’t voting to obliterate our borders, bankrupt our nation for free everything, and end law enforcement.

And, that was the purpose of yesterday’s hearing – perhaps there’s no way to prove collusion but there’s plenty of other things with which to besmirch President Trump.

Expect House Democrats and the media to continue their efforts to paint President Trump as a toxic blight on the body politic as they attempt to drive down his approval ratings to a point where his impeachment becomes politically viable.

If they are successful, they will drive the impeachment of Donald Trump to their maximum political benefit.  If that happens don’t expect UniParty Republicans to defend the president.

Even then there will not be enough votes to remove President Trump from office.  That isn’t necessarily the goal. The goal is to render Trump a toxic candidate going into the November 2020 election.

That became evident at yesterday’s hearing.