Clinton Obfuscates as Lawyers File Motion in Federal Court To Block Her From Being Deposed

ELDER PATRIOT – There may be no more lucrative job than being on the team of attorneys charged with keeping Hillary Clinton out of jail.  Among the most highly paid legal practices in Washington D.C. they now have an expanded team working overtime trying to save Mrs. Clinton from being indicted on multiple counts of felony perjury.  Donors to the Clinton Foundation have to be wondering how much of the two billion dollars in “charitable” donations they’ve made will instead be used to pay the growing legal team shielding her from prosecution.

Mrs. Clinton’s team of attorneys led by David Kendall of Williams & Connolly LLP were forced to submit a filing yesterday morning in an attempt to have the court block an order forcing her to submit to a deposition.

The order to force Mrs. Clinton’s deposition has been sought by Judicial Watch as part of its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in connection with pending civil litigation against her.

Over the past two plus decades, Kendall has proven adept at preventing both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s illegal behavior and their corrupt ways from bringing them down but this time the tide of public opinion has turned against Mrs. Clinton.  Compounding her difficulties is the fact that the judge in this case, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan has shown little stomach for Hillary’s lawlessness and incessant obfuscations.

The motion to block by Clinton’s lawyers is solely to prevent her from lying under oath once again, this time in another venue.  The former First Lady has previously lied to Congress while under oath as FBI agents questioning her discovered over a week ago.

For reasons only known to himself, FBI Director James Comey incredibly decided that Mrs. Clinton’s statements before congress that conflicted with what Mrs. Clinton told his agents was outside the scope of his investigation.  For some reason the FBI questioned Mrs. Clinton without putting her under oath.  Until now the FBI expanded investigations in any direction that their findings led them.  The FBI has not answered why Hillary wasn’t under oath when they questioned her or why the FBI had broken all past precedent in not following the investigation to its conclusion, no matter where that took them, as they always have done in the past.

Clinton’s legal advisors are concerned about the number of sworn statements that she is being required to give in response to the growing number of court actions that have been mounting against her.  The reality is that the more times Mrs. Clinton lies under oath the more likely it is that at least one judge will be found who isn’t subservient to the rigged process that saw the FBI Director ignore a century old law and instead apply a legal standard that the authors of the law deliberately omitted.

Mrs. Clinton’s lawlessness and cavalier disregard of the laws that apply to the rest of us already has 56% of voters believing she should be indicted for her sins.  As her legal problems mount the amount of voters who believe she be a better candidate for the “big house” instead of the White House is certain to grow. 

Oh what delightful Schadenfreude – watching Hillary Clinton die a slow and painful political death when she was expecting this to be her time of coronation!  This is far better than instant karma, don’t you agree?