The Clinton-Obama Legacy: Violence and Ignorance Now Define Our Youth

ELDER PATRIOT – No sooner had Donald Trump been declared the president-elect than the network of miscreants was activated to create civil unrest with the purpose of advancing the narrative that America was in turmoil.  The violence and ignorance that was on display across the country had been organized and funded under the approving eyes of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They now own what they wrought.

Funding came courtesy of George Soros, Steve Phillips, Tom Steyer, Paul Ergman, Susan Chandler and Robert McKay, all billionaires.  These are the benefactors of the Progressive movement who are willing to do anything and fund any cause as long as the goal is to delegitimize capitalism and law and order.

These were not organic uprisings.  These were riots as senseless as those we witnessed in Ferguson and Maryland.

The protestors are the product of eight years of political indoctrination from the Marxist teachers and professors in our schools and our colleges.  It’s important to put who these young people are into perspective.  If they’re 24 years old today they were only 16 when their Marxist indoctrination began.

Both Obama and Clinton know that control over the youth is essential to the advancement of the Progressive agenda.  This is why Common Core is so important to Democrats.  By coordinating every message within the core curriculum the Left now owns the minds of a majority of our young people.  This was born out on Tuesday night when the only age group that Hillary Clinton won was the Millennials.

Their ignorant naïveté and tendency to lash out violently when things don’t go their way was inculcated in them by design.  The vast majority of these snowflakes have been rendered worthless to employers.

Obama and Clinton are not the first leaders to understand the strength that inures to them when they can control the thinking of a nation’s youth.

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Perhaps the greatest challenge Donald Trump faces in restoring freedom across our republic is to restore the courage and thirst for it among our youth.