Clinton Corruption Everywhere You Look

ELDER PATRIOT – The depth of the corruption that the Clintons have wreaked upon the American people and the institutions established to protect them is beyond staggering.  It seems that every day is greeted with new and even more disgraceful illegal behavior by one or all of the Clintons or the criminals they have surrounded themselves with.

Two new stories are highlighted here.

Today, Zero Hedge exposed Clinton capo David Brock for money laundering through 14 pro-Clinton Super PACs.  Brock is professional political operative which is a nice way to say he will do anything, legal or not, ethical or not, in support of his political godmother, Hillary Clinton.

Brock also runs Media Matters that operates as the Progressives’ counter to Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center.  Where the MRC acts as a check on hypocritical politicians by archiving everything they say for future reference, Brock’s Media Matters has been caught cutting and splicing those same clips to discredit political opponents or to hide evidence of the Clintons’ hypocrisy.  Brock’s shameful tactics work because Hillary’s supporters want to believe in her so badly that they eagerly embrace the falsehoods and mischaracterizations that Media Matters produces.

Even more despicable is the manner with which Obama has corrupted our institutions to undermine our civil society for Mrs. Clinton’s benefit.

The protests/riots that took place in Charlotte last night over another fatal police shooting were the product of Hillary’s campaign spokesman Barack Obama’s deliberately failed policies towards both Blacks and the police over the course of his two terms.

Obama, has maintained his popularity among Blacks by remaining in campaign mode during the entirety of his two terms in office.  He made no substantive initiatives to help mainstream Blacks into broad participation as productive participants in America’s economy.

In fact, on every leading economic issue, on the major economic issues, Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So for the last ten years it’s not been good for black folk, Progressive talker Tavis Smiley told Megyn Kelly.

In essence Obama, with the help of the mainstream media, has kept Blacks hungry and mad while telling them he was doing everything to fight the system on their behalf, even long after he had become the system.

The other side of the equation has been Obama’s treatment of the police that has left them fearful and on edge.

As Ron Hosko president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, told The Daily Signal in a telephone interview, “It’s a consistent pattern that whenever there is violence, he has repeatedly failed to wait until the facts are known before giving his opinion that implies cops are racists and that pollutes the environment around the case.”

“He has put his thumb on the scales of justice and has simultaneously inflamed matters,” Hosko said. “He is no friend to law enforcement.”

Obama is now essentially serving as Mrs. Clinton’s street organizer in a full court press to rally the Black vote that has been deserting her at an historic rate first because they have lost hope and now because of Donald Trump’s outreach to them.

No Democrat can win the presidency with less than 88% of the Black vote and Hillary isn’t even close to that level of support after promising more of the same Obama policies during the course of her campaign.

So, Obama has poured gasoline everywhere in the Black community and he is simply waiting for a match to be lit. Black Lives Matter is the match.

Close to a billion dollars has been funneled into the racially charged hate group by Clinton donors including George Soros, the Ford Foundation, and the Democratic Alliance.

There can be no explanation other than all of that money is intended to sow racial strife in what amounts to the most expensive detonator ever conceived.  Why else would that amount of money be necessary to ignite an “organically” inspired community uprising?

Along with the wholly fabricated claims that Donald Trump is a KKK sympathizer, this is intended to scare Blacks back onto the plantation.

The condition of Blacks as a result of the policies of the current administration coupled with Obama nurturing of the incendiary BLM removes any doubts that Obama kept the African-American community on the plantation just for a time like this.  This is the way community organizers work.   

Mrs. Clinton has thrown all-in with Obama’s incitement of the Black community as she signaled at the Democratic Nation Convention where BLM dominated the stage on a nightly basis and uniformed police officers were banned from view.

Hillary Clinton may be the most detestable candidate since…Barack Obama.