CIA Whistleblowers Take Trump’s Back – Bring Necessary Ammo for President’s Freedom Movement

ELDER PATRIOT – Make no mistake President Trump knew what he was getting into when he exited the escalator at Trump Tower in June of 2015 to announce his candidacy for president.  That makes what he’s doing all the more remarkable and heroic.  Trump had already won the game of life – a multi-billionaire, owner of many of the world’s most outstanding golf courses and resorts, and was welcomed among the politically elite.

Yet, like his chief strategy advisor Steve Bannon, his blood ran cold as he witnessed how the business, financial, and political elites were destroying the dreams and opportunities of everyday hardworking Americans and callously bragging about it. 

So like our fledgling country’s brave group of Founders who signed the Declaration of Independence with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” Trump similarly chose the same unknown path guided only by his own firm belief in Divine Providence. 

The signers of the Declaration did so with no assurance that when the shooting started the Minutemen would show up to stand with them.  This weekend when Trump signed his own Declaration of Independence, this one from the Deep State that manipulates intelligence to destroy its political enemies, he did so counting on patriots everywhere – inside and outside of government – answering his call to action to join him in America’s second revolution.

Well schooled in our nation’s history, Trump was aware that the last two presidents to challenge the illegal authority ceased by the Deep State were targeted for assassination.  Like our nation’s Founding Fathers, Trump knew he’d either be successful in rallying the “troops” or he’d hang alone.

The timing of yesterdays “Vault 7” document dump was no accident.  This past weekend, Trump’s tweets let the CIA and Obama know he wasn’t backing down from them and now those behind the Vault 7 release provided proof that Trump has been joined in his war against the CIA and the Deep State.  The revelations about the CIA should be deeply troubling to Americans who think they still enjoy the inalienable rights guaranteed to them by God and explicitly protected by the Framers in the Bill of Rights.

The Vault 7 release provided us with the CIA’s methods and means.  It’s going to get a lot more incriminating for the CIA with each successive dump (Vaults 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) because each will include increasingly more specifics so that we will know the names, dates, and circumstances of the agency’s rogue activities.

We learned that the CIA has the capability to hack anyone, anywhere and to leave the electronic fingerprints that point to any nation of their choosing.  In other words, the whole Russian narrative – given that no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump has been uncovered – was likely a Deep State operation conducted by the CIA to deny Trump the presidency and, then after he won to build a case for removing him from office.

Worms like Chuck Schumer are well aware of these illegal activities but cower rather than lead: 

But, the data dump is secondary to how we got it.  Trump laid it all on the line when he accused Obama of spying on him and patriotic Americans working from inside the CIA refused to let President Trump hang alone.  These are Trump’s Minutemen.

These acts of bravery should inspire all of us to similarly support Trump in any manner available to us. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has enough evidence from yesterday’s Vault 7 revelations – certainly significantly more than the CIA had on Trump – to seize control of the CIA, shut it down, investigate it thoroughly and then present the evidence publicly for a complete airing.

The longer this evidence remains secret the greater the risk to those who are in possession of it and for those investigating it.  This is going to get really, really ugly. 

Draining the swamp is dirty work and fraught danger.