CIA Operative Tells Viewers “It’s Our Job to Tell You What to Think”

ELDER PATRIOT – In a rare moment when she spoke truthfully to her viewers, MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski told everyone why Donald Trump’s use of Twitter coupled with his criticism of the establishment media has them screaming that he’s somehow violating their First Amendment.

On this morning’s edition of “Morning Joe,” co-hot Mika Brezinski, whose father was the architect of Jimmy Carter’s globalist plan, was complaining aloud that President Trump “could have undermined messaging so much that he can actually control what people think,” then let slip, “and, that is our job.”

WTF?  Hey Mika, your job is to report the news and even to comment on it.  It is not your job to stifle others from doing the same thing.  When everybody has their say I trust the American people to be smart enough to decide correctly for themselves what they think.

Bottom line, if a single man with a twitter account and a microphone can “undermine” the dissemination of propaganda by the NY Times, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Huffington Post, etc., etc., then your arguments must really suck.

President Trump has made no overtures towards suppressing your free speech right but neither is he going to let you ride roughshod over him by remaining silent while you savage him mercilessly.  It may be hard for you to wrap your CIA-conditioned mind around this but President Trump has First Amendment rights too.

There’s a reason no one trusts you anymore and today you let it slip why.