Chinese Student Leaders At University of Chicago Vote To Support Bigotry

ELDER PATRIOT – Perhaps the biggest hypocrites anywhere are college students.  Despite having lived off the hard work of their parents for their entire lives they, nevertheless, think they know enough to dictate how everyone else must live their lives.

Michael Meng and Peggy Xu, Chinese student leaders at the University of Chicago have now taken their hypocrisy to a new level by voting for Boycotting, Divesting and placing Sanctions on Israel while refusing to allow the same council to even entertain a similar discussion in response to China’s well-publicized civil rights violations.

Before the vote was taken, a spokesperson standing in defense of Israel asked if the right to self-determination would be recognized by the council, as a fundamental right of all people.  Even this was denied with one council member stating, “If we were to affirm the right to Jewish self-determination … it takes away from the intent of the resolution.”  Duh!

Intent on passing the resolution rather than being bothered by acknowledging the fundamental freedoms they were voting to deny, the council refused to consider the motion that would have forced each council member to put their brains in conflict with their hate-filled hearts.

The BDS movement was founded decades ago for the purpose of economically isolating racist governments in the hope that would bring about equality for all of the targeting nation’s citizens.  It has since been hijacked by those who realize that by using the right blend of messaging and promotional backing, any legitimate government can be made to be perceived as fostering apartheid.

This spring, commencement speeches will encourage students to become the leaders of tomorrow.  And, those who are graduating will be venturing forward into the world harboring the same bigotries that they claim to be against.  They’ll be different from the bigotry that their parents may have expressed.  Their bigotry will embrace the teachings of their professors instead.

Having been denied even the slightest introduction to critical thought throughout their education, there is no telling the amount of freedoms they will willingly vote to surrender in their haste to follow the teachings of the radicals who have taken over our nation’s educational system.

Those who hold power, no matter their ethnicity, always aim their enmity at some particular group, lest there be no reason to keep them in power.