VIA|  During every election campaign, you always hear candidates bring up money for infrastructure to fix American roads, yet the roads never are fixed. You noticed American bridges breaking at various points, and when they decide actually to do construction work on a bridge in America, doesn’t it seem like it lasts for more than a year?

Well, I came across this video where the Japanese construction company rebuilt a highway in less than 48 hours, and it looks spectacular!

Just how did they do it? Gizmodo reported on the story here:

The innovation here is using modular road parts, something that engineers have been talking about for a long time. Unlike building construction, where prefab is becoming a key to sustainable development, we haven’t seen a whole lot of real-world applications when it comes to modularity in transportation projects. Our own Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan covered a proposed project for plastic roads that could snap together like Lego bricks, making them just as easy to replace.

The Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing is a major arterial on one of the city’s ring roads and would have taken up to two months to replace using traditional methods, according to Shanghaiist. This kind of construction can save cities time, money, resources, and, most importantly, a whole lot of headaches.

Check out the video here and I promise you won’t want to miss any second of this:

You’ve never seen anything like this before have you?


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