Checkmate: Twice In 2 Weeks House Democrats Vote Down Measure Including Pay For 800,000 Federal Workers

Elder Patriot – For the second time in two weeks House Republicans’ efforts to guarantee the pay of workers furloughed during the government shutdown were rebuffed by Democrats.

While the motion failed, the 10 votes from Democrats is an indication that they are searching for a way to end the shutdown.  There can only be one reason for this.

President Trump is winning the public relations battle as voters are viewing his willingness to remain in the White House and his offers of compromise as more reasonable that the jet away lifestyle and intransigence of Speaker Pelosi.

The ten votes were four more than House Democrats had voted for on a similar motion last week.

That trend may have been purposely ignored by the propaganda media but you can be sure that Democrat strategists’ are concerned by the political realities of what’s unfolding.

As of now, Pelosi’s entire strategy is focused on causing maximum political damage to the President Trump in order to prevent his re-election.  

The Speaker has abandoned all interest in governing lest that bolster President Trump’s resume heading into 2020 and/or his reputation as a deal maker.

This will be a difficult charade for Pelosi to maintain for two years.

Pelosi’s problem stems from members of her coalition that won election in districts President Trump had carried in 2016 – when he made building the Wall a primary, if not the primary, promise of his campaign.

If Hillary Clinton, a far more skilled politician that Pelosi is, couldn’t close the deal with voters in 2016 it’s much more unlikely that the “Let them eat cake” Speaker will be successful.

Pelosi may be intent on turning Trump’s “Build the Wall” promise into George H.W. Bush’s “Read my Lips” political disaster, but her House colleagues are more concerned about their own re-election.

That, my friends, is the brilliance of the government the Framers bequeathed to us.

While the House holds impeachment as protection against a tyrannical president, the president can outlast tyrannical House leadership by bringing his case directly to the people.

As Democrat legislators increasingly cross the aisle it’s becoming apparent they are feeling the heat from voters.

Put aside the carefully worded polls that suggest otherwise and consider the untenable position Pelosi has staked out for herself… and her party.

According to the latest Harvard/Harris Poll, conducted by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn, more than 80 percent of American voters either strongly or somewhat support a crackdown on illegal alien crime.

The breakdown: 96 percent of Republican voters, 70 percent of Democrat voters, and 79 percent of swing voters. A crackdown on illegal alien crime also has widespread support across racial demographic groups.

There’s no wiggle room or parsing with percentages as overwhelmingly one-sided as these are.

Pelosi, bolstered by the propaganda press, has argued that we must concentrate our efforts at securing our official ports of entry and use technology to patrol remote areas.  This is a red herring.

If the ports aren’t secured after three decades of arguing over this, and two decades of DHS oversight following 9/11, then the American people should fire everyone in Washington and demand their money back.

Logic dictates the entire border must be secured and that barriers work.  Criminals don’t often gain entrance via the front door of the home they’re targeting.  

Technology to secure remote areas of the border, such as the use of drones, can only be effective if Border Patrol agents can be deployed fast enough to intercept the illegal entrants.  

At the very least walls, fences, or barriers, slow down potential border crossers allowing agents increased response time.

Also, nothing prevents the barriers from being equipped with smart technologies that include sensors, including sensors for tunnels, and other deterrents.  Drones require operators while sensors built into the wall only require monitoring – a much more efficient use of manpower.

Remember, because of our laws dictating catch and release, once an intruder puts one foot on U.S. soil he or she has the right to ask for asylum.  From there the legal system takes over and they’re free to disappear into the heartland.

That means anything short of stopping them on the Mexican side of the border will not work.  Only a physical barrier can accomplish that.

The longer this argument is allowed to fester, the worse this is going to reflect on the Speaker.  The propaganda media using pictures of Madam Pelosi doling out food to overpaid and pampered government workers at a shelter is not going to sway many American voters either.

If the furloughed workers can’t sustain themselves after two missed paychecks, the forgotten Americans whose jobs were ripped out from under them by previous administrations have every right to ask the pompous Pelosi “why didn’t we matter?”

That’s the same question law-abiding Americans are asking as their neighborhoods and schools have been turned into war grounds.