Challenger Running Against Eight Term GOP Incumbent and Paul Ryan Lackey Wins Primary in Virginia’s Second Congressional District

ELDER PATRIOT – Paul Ryan suffered his first loss this week in his war against Donald Trump (and the will of the people) when Trump supporter and former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor defeated longtime incumbent and Ryan follower Randy Forbes.

Despite being outspent almost 10-1, Taylor won in a landslide by promising to oppose Obamatrade.  This is strikingly similar the spending disadvantage Donald Trump faced in vanquishing his challengers using the same message.

Establishment stalwart Forbes ran his campaign using the same tired refrain that Trump’s primary opponents and Speaker Ryan had employed in defending their support of Obamatrade: “It’s “crucial to our economy” and “to our future as a country.”  The fact that previous trade deals have resulted in lost jobs, wage suppression, and corporate inversions doesn’t factor into these politician’s decision to support more of the same. 

Thanks to Donald Trump’s bold leadership stance against Obamatrade in the face of withering media attacks, voters who headed to the polls this past Tuesday were aware of the trade treaty’s many failings in protecting American workers.  The treaty has no provision to address foreign government currency manipulation, it outlaws Buy American programs, and does not protect American businesses from unfair competition via foreign state-owned enterprises.

But the worst aspect of Obamatrade is it shreds our Constitution by ceding our sovereignty to a three-member tribunal that, at best, we might have one seat on. 

Taylor’s victory signals the public’s growing awareness that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a convoluted 5544 page, 12-nation international regulatory pact that would merge our economy with some of the poorest and most repressive on earth.

The result of this primary is more significant than a gain of only one seat in the war against the globalist agenda. 

One only has to look at the primary victory of another Virginian in 2014.  Dave Brat sent shockwaves through the House when he defeated then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Seventh Congressional District.  His victory resounded so loudly among surviving House GOP members that the “Gang of Eight’s” comprehensive immigration bill was defeated by incumbents suddenly skittish about their own survival.

Paul Ryan has drawn the battle lines with Donald Trump over trade and immigration.  Unable to convince Trump in multiple meetings to change his position, Ryan told Republicans “to vote their conscience.”  The rank and file did just that and Taylor’s victory is likely to have a profound impact on how House members decide to align themselves in the war between their Speaker and Donald Trump.

Scott Taylor proves that once again, when Americans need them, the SEALS will be there to defend America’s interests.