VIA| Maybe it’s a sign of the times: those protesting to “stop the hate” are often the most hateful people I’ve ever seen.

Violent fans of Donald Trump at his rallies are rightly condemned by the media. But his violent critics? They can’t have enough praise showered on them.

One such recent case was that of Thomas Dimassimo, an unemployment acting major from Wright State University who attempted to rush the stage when Trump was speaking at an event in Ohio.  In his own words, he “wants to be a martyr.”

He was subsequently interviewed by The Guardian, AJ+, CNN, and a handful of other lefty outlets.

Attempted violence became real violence when protesters shut down a rally Trump had planned in Chicago last Friday. Things got bad, but as Breitbart reported, you wouldn’t have known if you only listened to mainstream media:

“It seems the [media] aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans,” [a Chicago Police office wrote] shortly after the canceled Trump event.

The officer, who posed anonymously on the Second City Cop blog, also noted the media didn’t report that protesters were running through parking lots and breaking windows of cars with Trump stickers on them, or that the department called out emergency Incident Teams to cope with the anti-Trump riot at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Next came a long list of questions:

Who gave up the expressway? Who let them block ambulances? Why did they not assemble citywide Incident Teams as soon as they knew the rally was canceled? Tact Teams? We even heard Mass Arrest kits weren’t available and only one transport wagon on scene in case arrests were made.

Compare that to the far-left Democracy Now’s headline to their coverage of the event: “Saying No to Hate: Meet the Chicago Activists Who Forced Trump to Cancel Campaign Rally.”

These protesters absolutely have a right to exercise their First Amendment right and peacefully assemble – but they hardly did that. They don’t call them regressive leftists for nothing.