CBS News Goes All In to Protect Governor Coonman, Salvage Democrats’ Powerbase in Virginia

Elder Patriot – There’s so much wrong with the events surrounding the Democrats’ efforts to hold onto control of Virginia’s executive branch over the past week that one is forced to cringe while watching CBS’s attempt to salvage the governorship of Ralph Northam.

From 30,000 feet the optics don’t look good.  A white governor is charged with racism and his black Lt. Governor, the man who would replace him, is likely to be the only one removed from office.

Conspiracy theorists might suspect that’s because the man who waits behind the Lt. Governor, the state’s Attorney General Mark Herring, is also white and also guilty of the same racist act.

And, the man who sits behind those three is a Republican that would swing the balance of power in the state.

So what does let-wing propaganda agent CBS do to help the Democrats survive this political calamity?  They roll out their top Oreo, Gayle King to commiserate with and rehabilitate the besieged governor.

So, here a black female reporter, chosen specifically for those two identifying markers, beginning her interview by sympathizing with the man who called himself coonman and dressed in blackface (or, a Klan outfit according to which version of the picture you decide to believe):

“I know this has been a very difficult week for you.”

It’s obvious that Gayle King was the one chosen to do the interview so that blacks tuning in to watch would see that it’s really okay to dress in blackface… after years of labeling anyone who did that unfeeling, uncaring, bigots with no sensitivity… yada yada.

CBS’s hypocrisy in defense of Democrat Governor coonman is just delicious.  Rot in hell you phony bastards.

It’s just as obvious that there was a second reason that CBS chose Gayle King, a black woman, to conduct the interview.  It made her repeated assault on the Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, a black man, that much more acceptable.

Now without doubt, if Fairfax is guilty of sexual assault as two women (so far) have charged, then he should not just resign or be fired but also be prosecuted for those crimes.

But, Lt. Gov. Fairfax has denied the charges.  Doesn’t he deserve due process? Or, is the new standard, in trying to defend the Democrats’ dwindling hold on the women’s vote, guilty upon accusation?

This raises the question, at least in my devious mind, was Fairfax chosen to be coonman’s second specifically because he was compromised and Virginia’s kingmakers – Terry McAuliffe –  knew it? Can’t be havin’ no uppity n—–s, now can we?