CBO Scoring: Trump Fighting the Alternative Reality Crafted By Ryan & McConnell

ELDER PATRIOT – Responsible stewards of our nation’s economy have been so soundly beaten by progressive politicians for so long that they now consider any reduction in spending – no matter how insignificant – should be celebrated as a win.

Allen West is a reliable conservative but his tweet yesterday shows just how much work President Trump has to do.

Winning?  Hardly.  That’s not the debt that’s projected to be cut in half, it’s the amount we’ll be adding to the debt every year that will be cut in half if Trump can even get Congressional approval for his plan.  I can already hear the screams of “draconian cuts” from Dems and Republicans alike even though there will be no spending cuts – just a slowing in the rate of growth.

According to the CBO, by the end of the coming decade, debt held by the public would total 80 percent of GDP if Trump’s budget makes it through Congress.  While that resets the nation’s debt to GDP ratio to pre-Obama days it’s hard to say all of that additional debt was, or will be, either necessary or beneficial.

Under Ryan and McConnell’s leadership Republicans did nothing to stop Obama from running our nation’s debt to GDP ration up to 106.1% in his last year in office with a trajectory running it much higher in the near future – projected to surpass 150% before 2030.

It’s convenient for Republican leadership to blame the current debt trajectory on Barack Obama but they did nothing to stop it.  Instead they chose to kick the can down the road as this March 2017 CBO graph shows:

Now that Trump has submitted a budget that continues growing government we’re supposed to be jumping for joy.  Excuse me for sitting on my hands.

Incredibly Trump is being forced to deal with the alternative reality created by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell where any reduction in spending towards Obama’s priorities – ending sanctuary cities, returning education and healthcare to the states, etc., etc. – is unacceptable, and any spending towards conservative priorities – the wall, to ensure voting integrity, etc., etc. – well there’s just no room in the budget for it.

America’s youth is lucky to have Trump.  He’s the only one in government, aside from the “reviled” members of the Freedom Caucus, and less than a handful of conservative senators, who seems to care about their futures at all.