Hey Comey STFU: You Destroyed the FBI

April 13, 2018

Elder Patriot – If the measure of a man comes from whether he leaves the people and things he’s touched better off than when he first encountered them then former FBI director James Comey is

The Nation Owes Ted Cruz a Debt of Thanks

April 12, 2018

Americans of all political stripes who revere their right to free speech owe a debt of gratitude to Texas Senator Ted Cruz this morning. Cruz’s questioning of Mark Zuckerberg apparently triggered someone at Facebook to

Facebook=NSA, NSA=Facebook

April 12, 2018

Elder Patriot – Except for a precious few House and Senate interrogators, the Congressional hearings on Facebook’s wrongdoing was a sickening display of our fawning elected representatives fellating a man-child who couldn’t answer the most

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